Real Emergencies....

spooky, scary, sleepy, lonely whatever....

I love it cause its that time when-

1.only patients with real emergencies visit

2.everything works smoother so nobodys' relative is cursing me out because the system sucks. 

Candita Candita
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4 Responses May 4, 2007

If I may, let me comment on your #1... only the patients with REAL emergencies visit...and the rest have been filtered out by EMS. :) It sounds like you work in the ER?? I used to run EMS overnight and would spend countless hours talking to patients who "can't sleep". While nighttime may keep the "fake" ones from coming into the ER, it certainly doesn't stop them from calling 911!!! haha. Seriously, though, kudos to you. I quit running EMS because I started working night hours. So. Kudos. :)

Doesn't working the night shift as a nurse, make it hard to spend time with your husband or children? My BF's wife (yes I am the other woman) volunteers for only night and weekend work even though they have a young son. She sleeps all day and then goes back to work. Because she is so protective of her sleep, they have had separate bedrooms for over 5 yrs. I am at a loss as to why someone would do this unless they were purposely trying to avoid being with their family. <br />
<br />
I guess its obvious what the outcome of this is - now I am happy she prefers the night shift because now what she gave up is mine.

... say, I just noticed in your profile that you say you're afraid of the dark.. that's got to be a bit of a downside of doing nights! Unless you always stay in the lit areas. Then, I guess, you don't have to deal with darkness at all... light when you go to work, light when you come home!

hahaha... that's so mostly true. there's always the odd strange person or two that decides that the strange thing on their toe which has been bothering them for two months NEEDS to be examined at three in the morning. It's my experience as well, things are a lot more focused during nights - there's no time for pointless politicking, people just deal with the problem at hand. There's a lot more resourcefulness on nightshift. And more FOOD. LOTS MORE FOOD.