Not Anymore and I Will Never G...

Not anymore and I will never go back to that either.  I missed so much of Alex's life that way cause I worked all night and slept all day, when I finally woke up I felt like **** and then it was time to get ready for work again.  I hated it so much, talk about not having any life at all, try that shift out.
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i've been on nights for alomost 15 years now and i feel it's taking a toll on me big time. i can never get enough sleep, i'm tired at work and when i'm off, i have almost no motivation to do much of anything. i thought it might get easier as time went by but i find the opposite to be true; it's getting harder for me. i can so relate to what you said, lisaj.

Do you have any idea why a woman in her 40's would volunteer to work only nights and weekends if she had a very young son and a husband? Her husband makes good money so that isn't it.<br />
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She sleeps all day, virtually missing time with her family, and then goes back to work. On her days off, she claims she needs to catch up on her sleep and still isn't really involved.<br />
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Is it possible she is just avoiding her family or is the night shift work really that much better - she claims what the other night shift nurses do - that its much easier and stress-free to work nights than days.<br />
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She even picks up extra shifts at another hospital.<br />
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Her husband and her have separate bedrooms and have sex rarely. You must know other women like this more to avoid home or because they love the night shift?<br />
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Thank you so much for your help....