My Dream Job Finally Realized

I've been working for an exotic animal rescue society for 5 mths now...and i've never been happier. It's been my dream for over 20 yrs to work in some capacity with animals. The problem has always been, you need experience, education, diplomas etc..
I had forgot about this man who owns this agency....when my kids were little, i wanted to make sure they grew up with the same love and or at least the same respect i have for all animals. I took my daughter when she was little to his 'zoo' and she took a little week long course. Flash forward about 5 yrs, and this same man was having an animal presentation at the local library where we were now living, so i took my kids and of course we all enjoyed ourselves. Again flash forward about 9 yrs, i see an ad in the local paper for this man's zoo.....i had somehow during the course of some very turmultuous years, forgot about the animal place.....i called him, had a tour of the facilities, became a volunteer, and now in just 5 short months, i've been taking over for him and going all over the place to different schools, preschools, daycares, senior facilities etc...and giving the same educational animal presentations that we saw as a family over 10 yrs ago......So funny how 'life' happens!
I'm so happy that my dream of working with animals has finally come true....and may it continue forever! :)
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2011

So far....there hasn't been much too sad..(knock on wood). It is definetly rewarding. One sad thing was someone brought their tortoise in, and they had no idea how to care for it's shell is permanently deformed......

I wish more and more people would be involved with animal rescue , it must very incredibly sad but also incredibly rewarding.