I Love Working With Children With Special Needs

I first started working with children with special needs as a teenager. I worked as a volunteer on a respite camp for children with complex learning disabilities and I really enjoyed it!

Later on, I worked as a teaching assistant in a school for children with emotional, social and behaviour difficulties. It was the best job in my life! I am now about to start working as a TA again, this time in a school for children with autism. At the moment, I help out on a summer playscheme for children with complex needs (severe physical and learning disabilities) and autism.

I find it so fulfilling, it's amazing to help those children and build a trusting, working relationship with them.

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Me too . Been doing it since 1995 . Most of my experience are with the public school system.

I love to work with special needs kids and recreation planning. I currently work in a small options home. I ws wondering if you could give me sny insight on where i could further my career

Where are you based?

The world is a better place with people like you in it. A lot of these kids go unnoticed or untended to so props to you for making a difference. It certainly is quite rewarding - I know this from personal experience :)

It is indeed! I really miss my little guys.

indeed some of the most rewarding teaching, hard but incredibly worthwhile

Yep. I it was my favourite job. I should never have left...

when im older i wont to work with kids with special needs. I decided i wonted to work with kids with special needs because i have a cousin at 5 who is down syndrom and i love him and spend alot of time with him.

This story is really sensitive to me!!!

Thanks... I love my job, wouldn't change for the world!

as i am a sensitive person,wenever i help others , i feel so gr8.i luv to help .so,i am thinking of joining for the MSW course and be a social worker.guys,do any of u completed the course,i wann knw abt ur work and all.

Thank you Sugar :) I hope all is well with your niece. From working with autistic children I can tell you they are lovely people with amazing personalities. I hope your niece can blossom and be happy in life!<br />
Clem x

Hello new friend:-).....what a rewarding job to have! My brothers daughter is autistic, she will be 6 in March, it's so sad. May God bless you and the work that you do:-) Xo~sugar~Xo

You are truely a very special person and am so happy to hear that you enjoy being with those children that need you the most.