So Do I When I Get The Chance!

I am running a small erotic massage service from my home and, now and again, get asked for 'Extras' for the wife when the husband is there.

Now who am I to refuse an offer like that?

Last week a guy came to me from up north west and wanted to watch his wife being ****** by another man. I went to the hotel, where they were staying.
Got her on my massage table and, when I got to her Yoni it was one of the nicest and prettiest ones I had ever seen.

So, being the intrepid explorer that I am, when the massage was over, and she had *** for me, I slid her up to the end of my massage couch, put her legs in the air, and slid my erect **** into her as she was so wet.
My table is just the right height for me to do this.

40 years old with the vagina of a much younger woman and very tight.
I carried on with this deep stick position for a while and then we transferred to the bed so her husband could get involved as well.

He was fingering her **** as we did it doggy and then we changed to cowgirl and she squirted all over me as her **** rubbed my pubic bone.

Then back to doggy, her favourite, hubby fingering her as we did.
She was moaning loudly by then and I could feel my *** getting ready for an explosion and managed to time it just as she climaxed.

I then went down on her and licked up the ******** and made her clean again.
She was trembling with the experience and they both thanked me for doing it for them. They said they would like to come down about once a month. I told them that would be nice and I have offered them a bed at my home.
Generous, not at all, as if they stay there I might just get to sleep, and ****, 3 in a bed for the night.

I think the husband got as much out of it as we did.
I came home and jerked off yet again as I remembered what had gone on that evening.

A good time was had by all!

kered44 kered44
70+, M
Jan 14, 2013