Relationships, Work, And Romance

My friend Anna just became recently engaged and her fiance and her both work as chiropractors.  While they talked about starting a practice together some day, she was struggling with other people giving her advice about working with their significant other.  In fact, she almost felt like she should change her direction and try something else so she can make the relationship work!

From my perspective perhaps the thing in a relationship that may turn things sour fast is that if you both work at the same profession and the girl ends up doing better than the guy.  Some guys may have esteem issues.  There is no sense in being competitive, but two people need to understand and be sensitive toward the other person's feelings.  As for just spending too much time together... Yeah, you can alway work in different offices, who says you have to work together?

People are always bitter and opinions will always be unsolicited.  .  They want to offer you advice even when they don't know where you are coming from. 

I think in a relationship, you should think more in terms of:
"Here are the things that make me, me. They are important to me. I'm keeping them and that's that!  I can compromise on the rest, if not, shuck the bastard.  If there's anything that I've learned from talking with a bunch of people about you-know-what, it's that compromise is apart of relationships, but if you compromise what it is that makes you, you; that you enjoy; that makes you happy.  You will start hating your relationship no matter how good it started out  no matter how good it can/could/would/ought to be.

In anything, there are limits you have to set for yourself and observe.  There is no point in setting limits if everytime there comes a problem with it you crumble and give in.  that is truly when you have lost yourself in the relationship and I don't know anyone who has ever been happy when that has happened.  And if you're scared of being alone and that you'll never find someone else, get a grip.

I know all the women who read this you are all independent, attractive and smart so don't think twice.  You can find someone else, there may just be some work as to having to sort through all the trees in the forest.
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1 Response Oct 10, 2006

From a business perspective, they both are chiropractors...starting a practice together is the smartest thing to do. It is very expensive starting a practice. Why not build together now, then branch off later if they find the need? Relationships change, practices change, life changes...there is no way around it. Go with the flow is my motto. Peace!