Back Stabber

And I campaigned hard to get her hired!  She is a very good worker, energetic, knows what to do, but she it pathologically self centered.

She is tiny and very cute, a bit of a fashionista (in a medical office, no less) and I am feeling that my 50+, chubby self is not up to her "standards".

She has more energy than me, but not as much smarts.  I've been told that she's trying to "throw me under the bus".

I have no idea if I should act, react, or just stay the way I started out.  Loyal, dependable, smart middle aged (and it shows).  Uhg.  I am not good at styling my hair, using a lot of makeup, keeping long fake nails in place.  May just be time for a new order.

Drat!  I really love my job!




ColdOpal ColdOpal
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1 Response Aug 8, 2007

The middle aged doctor I work for seems quite taken by her intense flirting. Years ago in another practice, they had a brief affair after she left husb #1, doc was still married, but separated.<br />
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What really bothers me is how smart he is, yet still most impressed with a hot bod or face. That, and I have to admit to a certain level of jealousy. I'm not interested in "extracuricular" activities with the man, but don't like feeling ignored and rejected.<br />
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We are a small group - 1 doctor, 2 nurses, 4 office staff. We used to all be pretty much friends.