Save Heaven

Are place as always been open to teen. We started out having a youth group in our home. Fri. Bible study, then SAt. if they were with us Fri. We would have a fun day. swiming, slidding, bowling and ect.... Then when we moved we started a nother group. Music was real touched them and how honest my husband was to each of them in the way they would understand, so they called him the Bible Thumper. I was showing the love and kindness. When they went to talk manly the girls. I was honest I told them what I did in the pass and how God help me thou things. It seam like where every we went there was kids that just went someone to tell them the truth. We did not judge them. We got to meet their parents got to help the whole family. Seeds were planted. Later we got blessed in seeing them again and how they are doing with there own familys

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I think the youth definitely all need a safe haven to go to. So many youth live horrible lives in their families, and their neighborhoods are bad too. When a safe haven gives them somewhere where they will not be judged, where they will feel loved, happy, needed, cared for, that is such a positive thing in their lives. Everyone needs and deserves that. Thank you for doing something so great for those children :)