I Am A Disability Advocate For A Psychosocial Rehab.

I work at Chestnut Place club house. You may be wondering what is a clubhouse. And no its not a place for fun and games. Not that its all industrious work either. A clubhouse is based on the club house model. The earliest example was started somewhat over 50 years ago in NYC, NY. It was and is known as Fountain House. That is the clients and staff are one hundred percent truly equal. That is everyone's voice is equal in terms of policy, decision making , of whatever is going on.
I am working as a disability advocate for the members. I don't tell people what to do . I listen to see if we can reach a consensus of what to do that as much as possible pleases everybody. We feel good we can do for ourselves and we can and do succeed.
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I need to think on your complaint. Get back to you asap. Promise. My gut feeling is perhaps complain t osomeone higher in the firm. What that salesperson did sucks blue whale. I'd check out other companies for similar services. Good luck to your friend and you.<br />

what would you say about a complaint against a medical supply salesperson for pressuring and coercing a disabled person to sign papers authorizing the request for a wheelchair that they werent ready for so that the salesperson could get their commission. <br />
is that something you would help a person with?