Career Change At 30

Until two days ago I was an unhappy lawyer on a very high salary. But after 5 years of work (and 5 years of study) I decided that I couldn't do it anymore. I'm starting a new career on Monday as a graduate in the journalism industry. Taking a huge (i.e. $100k) paycut. I'm now getting nervous about this next step in my life.

I'm looking for advice/ inspiration about making a career change at this age (particularly when all my friends are becoming established in their chosen fields and have saved money to get married, have kids etc., which I will now have to put off for sometime).

I know I have made the right career choice... But I also know that the next couple years will be tough.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Sure, you're taking a pay cut, but had you stayed in your position as a lawyer, what else would you had lost in the long run? Sleep, sanity, joy, happiness, freedom, years that you could've been doing something you truly enjoy. Nothing...nothing in this world can replace the peace, joy, and happiness. Yes, you may have to downsize, live beneath your means, and tough it out for a year or so, but think of all the happiness you'll feel from knowing you followed your heart and did something you've always wanted to do! can always practice as a lawyer in the future if you desire.

Good luck : ) You'll be fine.