Working 7 Days A Week

Hi. From about April to August I worked 7 days a week at a factory. It was pretty rough. Once the temperature hit about 70 degrees outside the plant started getting really hot (and got worse as it got hotter in the summer).

I worked loading heavy parts and it would be really hard on my back and my feet. I would get home and barely be able to move in the morning, and with the huge demand to work everyday it was tough to ever get a day off. I usually got a day off once every 3 weeks (every 20 days) and would have to beg.

I don't live in a country where labor laws make me have to do this, but I would have probably got fired if I did not do it and it was very hard.

Anyone else ever have to work like that?
gnow28 gnow28
26-30, M
Dec 2, 2012