A Long Long Time Ago

I worked as a supervisor/manager for two very different phone companies in my lifetime. One was Long distance and the other LocAL.  I enjoyed working for both companies and had a lot of fun working especially the night shift when the crank callers would contact us.  I especially enjoyed the "panty man" and the "cucumber man."

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Well I would enjoy that but then I would feel guilty charging you for what I give you free lol.

Silly fungirlmmm, you have been giving it away for free when you could be making $$$ and have fun doing what you do best! I just want you to have a job that you enjoy...DD

LMAO, but what would you pay for? You talk to me free now.

How goes the hunt? Maybe start your own thing? How about internet chat room? I would pay...DD

LMAO. I love cucumbers, but he would call and offer to send us tapes of him doing his. It was hilarious.

Due to their length and small diameter, I have found English cucumbers to be less satisfying...