Surviving Seven-eleven

When I was 22 I moved in with a boyfriend who worked full time and I was putting myself through college so I was attending it part time and I worked part time to help pay the bills. Just to give you an idea of how long ago that was and how much things have changed my part time job at 7-11 paid me minimum wage of $2.15 an hour and rent on our two bedroom duplex was $200.00. It was a handy job to have while going to college because of it being open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week I was able to change my shifts around when my college schedule changed though I only would work the day and swing shifts for safety reasons since there were many times it wasn’t busy enough to have more than one person working, though there was fortunately a take and bake pizza business in the other half of the building that was open every day until 11 at night. Over the 4 years I worked there I did have many odd encounters with customers and I learned some valuable life lessons along the way as well. I had several regular customers that as soon as I saw their car pull up outside the store I would get ready for them to come in and try to start some kind of disagreeable exchange because they were always negative and would complain or do something that was highly irritating, like want a fresh pot of coffee made no matter when I told the the one that was already ready had been made. One valuable life lesson I did learn from these unpleasant customers that if they succeeded in putting me in a bad mood they had won what they came in there to do, because I eventually realized that they most likely never gave me a second thought after they left the store and if they had succeeded in making me unhappy I was probably in that state longer than it took them to start their engine and leave. I learned to smile and totally ignore their assholiness (it should be a word) and not to let them win. Back in those days there was no rule limiting how many bottles a customer could return at one time, especially for a small store with only one clerk on duty, and even though I would try to reason with the jerks that would bring their whole garage full of bottles back at once by countering their statement that they had bought them all there with my statement that they hadn’t bought them all at one time most of the people who were jerks enough to not realize it was a rude thing to do didn’t care when that was pointed out to them. Occasionally I would throw a 6 pack of bottles against the concrete wall when taking the bottles back to stack them and it gave me a little frustration relief to break the bottles gave way to making more work for myself because I had to sweep up the broken glass. I eventually came up with a solution that gave me the pleasure of venting my frustration by breaking a few of the bottles but avoiding the extra work I created for myself by leaving a few of them in a paper bag so that when I got to hear the sound of breaking glass when I threw them against the wall but I only had to pick up the paper bag and through it in the trash. :)
Chelebub Chelebub
51-55, F
Dec 13, 2012