Factory Victory

I was always a solitary, silent child in school. Every parent teacher meeting from kindergarden up to high school the teachers all said the same thing,"She's quite." I spent most of time alone and although I had a few friends i didn't have a lot of them. In high school I lived close enough to walk to school. So i never drove, my mom didn't own a car. The job that I had at that time was helping her do dishes on a weekend.

After graduation I moved to live with my father so he could help me learn things that I needed to know. He works at a General Motors company. Before I was out of school he applied me for a job there. I wasn't sure what to expect but he told me that we'd both be working there at night so we'd get to see each other during lunch and wouldn't have to worry about getting me there.

So I went and took all the tests including a drug test then went to classes where we sat while they told us about safety. Next we did a building excerise with wooden blocks. Trying to come up with a way to get the job done faster and working as a team. The first day working I was a wreck. I was nervous, scared and didn't know what to expect. I was placed on a IP line to help another new worker do the job. A assistant on that line showed me how to work the gun and was really nice to me. The man i was doing the job with, i found out, was in the military. At one point he told me that he'd rather be there than here. I was only doing half the job so I didn't say anything. After lunch break he told the boss it was too much for him and that he quit. I was placed on the job alone.

I had to lift the steering columns, plug them in and screw them in while the line was moving and before I got into another persons area. I tried my best but the TL had to continue helping me or I never would have kept up. That night I felt exhausted as well as angry with myself. I went to bed dreaming that i was still on the line moving.

The next day the boss asked me if I could do that job. I told her that I honestly couldn't. So she moved me to another job. I was never put back on the steering column one. She put me on numerous jobs. One i jumped in and out of a van putting pieces on inside it. Which made red marks on my knees. Another i had to put stickers on the outside then jump in. Some of these jobs seemed impossible to me. My boss was starting to lose it. She asked me if I really wanted to be here. Although I was thinking no, I knew the trouble my father went through to get me there. I told her yes. She put me on the line with a boy to do a job while the worker was out sick. I learned it over time. The boy was taken away to do something else. I felt scared being alone but made it through. The boss was nice to me once I was able to do the job by myself.

After that I was moved all over the plant doing different jobs. Until one job became open.It was on my favorite line, the one I had started on. I was asked to do the magbeam job which nobody else liked because you use a hoist. I learned it and I loved it. No more moving around. I had a place where I belonged with people I came to like. Everyone on the line was nice to me. I enjoyed hearing them joke with each other. My TL and the boss would always compliment me. Work soon became a pleasure instead of a chore to me. The boss told father how proud she was and my father compared me to a blooming flower.

Knowing I was able to do it, enjoy it was an amazing feeling to me. If I can do that who knows what else I can do. My mother always told me I couldn't. I couldn't be a social person and I couldn't use my art as a career.

The only reason I stopped was because I was laid off. Most of my friends at the plant were. I worked there for a year. When i talk to my mother about it she says,"I still can't believe you worked there." My stepmom told my father when I first started working there,"It's not right for you to put her there. You're setting her up for failure."
Porcelindoll Porcelindoll
Jul 13, 2010