" Ive Got Them Right Where I Want Them,now ."

After leaving a psychiatric hospital, where I worked as a psychologist, I spent four years in the Mental Health Departrment at a Maximum Security prison. It was a far cry from the environemnt I was accustomed to. The biggest challenge was to determine whether the potential patient was actually in need of psychological intervention or merely malingering, which they would do in order to get out of their cell or as an attempt to get attention. What I found was, the psychological profiles of the inmates and many the correctional officers ( CO's ), was very similar. The " games " some of the CO's would play on the inmates would constitute psychological endangerment charges if ever proved, becuase the rusult was particularly disturbing to a helpless person. I'll relate just one example of the games played on the inmates. If an inmate was placed in solitary confinement for a violation of any of the many regulations they are required to live by, depending on it's severity, they could be placed in Solitary for as many as 90 days. Usually, it was for a lesser time. However, in order for the inmate to earn his release after the prescribed time, he would have to be " incident free ". In other words, he created no additional rules violations during his period of confinement. But, if he did make a violation of rules while in Solitary, his sentence would start from scratch from that incident, thus delaying his release. If the CO didn't like the inmate for any reason, he could report that the inmate ( falsly ) spat at him, thus, causing the sentence to start all over again. That tactic was used usually within a week of the scheduled release date meaning, at best, the sentence was doubled. If the inmate was particularly disliked, that process could be repeated again and again. Try to imagine the psychological effect that would have. One day, I was called to see an inmate that had been falsely put on suicide watch as a form of punishment for some infraction. Suicide watch is when the inmate is locked in a cell devoid of anything that could be used to aid the inmate commit suicide. That means he is ******** naked and only provided a " suicide proof " mattress.That's a mattress that can't be ripped into shreds that could be braided into a rope. Nothing else. When I saw the inmate, he was very excited and sweating from his anxiety. That's when he uttered the most inconguous " I've got them right where I want them, now ". For some reason, he thought his mistreatment by the CO's would be to his benifit. In any other environment, he may have been right. However, when you are in prison, it's best not to think that way, because no one " sees " any violation of inmate rights. My advise to anyone who contemplates doing something that could land you in prison is, DON'T DO IT !
zbignue zbignue
70+, M
May 14, 2012