Working In The Mall

I used to love how exciting the mall would get around the holidays.People rush around going from store to store,everyone dressed a little nicer than usual.

Anyone who worked in retail in the mall had to work long days/weeks.We were always understaffed no matter how much effort was put into hiring more staff to handle the extra traffic.

The busiest times were X-mas,Thanksgiving and back to school time.We had these store wide sales which meant working late at night tagging items that would be on sale but it also meant the whole store would be working together to finish the project and going out to eat after we finished.Not everyone would go but half of us would hang out at some late night diner.

I miss those times,I miss the camaraderie,the fun stories we would trade about different customers.Who helped the hottest girl,who sold the most accessories,who had the biggest sale etc.We just laughed and had a great time.I was only in my early 20's,most of the people I worked with were older with the exception of a couple cashiers that were 17-20 yr olds.

I can actually still picture different customers faces,even their voices,and this was 15-18 yrs ago.There are some customers that are glued in my memory for different reasons,some for what they wore,some for what they bought,some just because they were sweet and kind to me.

I remember this group of girls that came into the shoe store,they were looking for shoes for a wedding.The bride was there along w/4 of her bridesmaids.They teased me and encouraged me to "help" Leslie out the most.She was very pretty brunette,very sweet but very shy.I think she was buying into their idea of me being her wedding date but I think because of her shyness nothing ever came of it even though she gave me her number.

There were other groups of people that I still remember well like when this cheerleading squad came in to buy new tennis shoes.They were silly and fun and tons of energy.They all bought new white Vans type tennis for cheer!

I am so glad I have these awesome memories I can't imagine not remembering those days.I hope i still remember them when I am 80 or 90 yrs old.I will really enjoy my old days if I can.
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Iv worked in sales and retail my whole life and can totally relate to everything you just mentioned. From the long hours on your feet, to the ridiculous questions customers can come up with haha always good times