Good Exercise

I might be thin, but I'm not really in the best of shape. I did my advanced Tae Bo workout today and turned down the volume on Billy Blanks and worked out to Marilyn Manson instead. Surprisingly it's pretty good work out music. I had fun, I slacked off for a while lately on doing anything to do with fitness and now I can really tell. But still it feels good to do something and I know I am not going to have a great metabolism forever. Well, probably not, and I still prefer to be toned anyway. Plus it makes me actually want to drink water, which is much better than my normal caffeinated beverages (usually soda). One of these days I might even go running with my brother, though not too soon, I despise running. It makes it too hard to smoke:)
Randomsomething Randomsomething
22-25, F
May 24, 2012