Working Is The Only Way Not To Dwell On Things

We found out that my husband had cancer on the 20th of October 2009, we were told by the first

doctor not to worry, it was operatable, of course hearing the word cancer we rushed in to action, next

doc tor told us there was more, so we went to the Cleveland Clinic  and Cancer treatments of America in Philadelphia,

We had hope and kept trying, I lost my husband on Jan 8th @ 12:45 AM, and when that happened I have

lost my soul, I don't know what I am suppose to do anymore I, I don't know how I am suppose to face the day or

the nights, I never took any kinds of pills other than the usual, but now I am living on nerve pills, I am so sad.

Does it ever change?  I keep asking myself what if it had been me, how would he go on, try to do the things that he

would do.

aliastrouble aliastrouble
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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Im very sorry to hear this. The doctor says take these pills, I would recommend you listen to the proffessional. My wife left me and took the kids, I cant start to imagine how your feelin though, But I went and saw my doctor. She wanted me to take avanza. I didnt want to, but I did. I hate the idea of it and still do. However it was the best thing I could have done. It helped me think clearer, took away some sadness, helped me eat, and get on with life. I often wonder where I would be without them and it worries me. It took some time for them to get into my system though.<br />
I suppose what Im trying to say is keep listening to your doc, they are not doctors becouse they found their liscence in a wheeties pack.<br />
Time is healer of some sorts and I wish you all the best, I cant even start to imagine the pain you are in so I wont even try. I hope there is more help for you though. Are you seeing a councillor or anyone. They can be a good help IF you find a GOOD ONE. There are some shockers out there, so if you tour not connecting or feel that they are not helping, dont be affraid to move on to another.<br />
I hope you have a lot of family support and friends for that matter, becouse they are great for support and someone else to listen.<br />
As for the pills, I would be inclined that they would not be used forever, usually when time has a chance to heal they start to whine you off them little bit by little bit. <br />
Keep remembering anything that can help is of benifit. It would be very confusing becouse I am imagining that you have never felt anything even remotley close to this sort of pain before. <br />
Things will become clearer in the future, just let the docs do their job, their there to help.<br />
I hope things improve for you, good luck.