Exercising Rocks!

I used to not like to workout. I didn't like to exercise. This was back when I was like 15. My life changed when my mom told me I needed to loose some weight and had me join a spa. I started to go and liked the aerobics part, but not the weight lifting part so much. Then I stopped doing it for a few years. Then I picked it back up in college, cardio only. to Jane Fonda workouts. I liked doing the cardio....maybe that's where I got to be a junkie I don't know.

So on and off throughout my life I get into doing execise then drop out. Always liking it when I'm doing it. But can't seem to stick with it.

So 12 years ago after my son was born and I needed to loose alot of weight I tried again, starting with walking, then joined the Y and did low impact aerobics then I found....STEP aerobics! I was in LOVE! If I had a choice of exercise it would be step, hands down! But I have also learned to enjoy other things. I tried spin, and then rep reebok.

I also became a fitnes instructor so I could exercise alot :) I have a wide variety of formats I can teach. All of the above mentioned and strength training as well, Gravity, Boot camp. I enjoy them all because they give me variety and my body doesn't adapt.

So I exercise in some form every day and I don't always do just one exercise a day, usually several but only ONE do I push and do what I need to do :)
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That's great. I have been considering getting my personal trainers license. I studied sports med. Looking for work part time now. Been out of work forever due to family, so its like starting over.

I love the atmosphere of fitness and sport. Good for you for taking the time to do what you enjoy!

It sounds like you got the right idea. Do different things. You get bored doing the same exercise routines all the time. As long as you are active it does not matter what kind of exercises you do. Good Luck !

I never exercised much as a child or young man. When I was 44 I started fooling around with my son's old free weights. My wife got my a Nordic Track knock off for father's day the next year and then a weight station. Soon i was exercising rigorously. Cardio every day, including long bicycle rides in the nice weather, 20 minutes of weight training every other day. When the knock off broke, I got a real Nordic Track. I watched Denise Austin and Gilead on TV. At first, i had no idea of what I was doing, especially with the weights and I did hurt myself a bit. I exercised from 1994 until 2008 and was in the best shape of my life. I had an upper body and a six pack. I have chronic liver disease(I was a drug addict for over 40 years) and I got very ill and could not exercise. I continued to walk the beach (lovely, spiritual, and serene). I was dying quickly in 2010 when I had a spiritual awakening and took back my life. I'm out of the house now as my wife and I are divorcing so I dont have the exercise equipment(I live in one room for now) and I dont have a car to get to the gym regularly. I started my current regime of hand weights and calisthenics about a year ago (and I bought a "Shake Weight for $4.00 at the thrift store, too). I hadnt ridden a bicycle in 4 years and last summer, I took my bicycle from my house and within a few days was riding around town with a vengeance. I used to take long rides, but now, I take many rides on the roads and boardwalk by the beach. I never really lost my shape, just my body's definition. I look better and I'm in better condition than most men who are 30 years younger than me. Life isnt always happy, but life is good and I am grateful to be alive. In 2008, I tried Interferon but it didnt work and when I stopped, I lost 3 pounds in 3 weeks and fell into a black depression.I still have liver disease (HCV, mild cirrhosis, esophageal varicies and hepatic encephalopathy) but I see my doctors and take my meds. My liver is stable and I am awaiting a non Interferon and non riboviron cure. My liver doc is at the Beth Israel Liver Center in Boston (the best in the world). I will not just survive, but I will flourish...one day at a time....

Wow this is an awesome story! I wish more people would realize that just because they're "over the hill" they can still change the way that their body looks and get great results from it. I actually started my current fitness fling 12 years ago after my son was born, haven't stopped. I became a group fitness instructor 10 years ago and LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you for inspiring me to do so. Life is as good as we make it :) Damn, my youngest lived in San Diego for a few years number of years back. I grew up in the northeast and I love Boston, but I envy your weather. I was in San Diego to visit my daughter but that was almost 20 years ago. I also was there in 1971 when I hitch hiked through Canada and the USA. You are an inspiration. Hey, wait a minute...you're not over the hill :)))))))))))))

LOL gettin there :) but thank you. And yes our weather is nice but people have to realize that it's NOT like that 365...:)