Just Start It Already

I am 40 years old. Wow (I used to thick 21 and i'm outa here) I quit smoking and gained about 60lbs. it was awful. A doc wanted to give me a stress test to see how my heart was working. I thought no problem I've always been a physical guy, But this time it was pethetic wiesing and coughing heart pounding out of my chest.... then on to minute 3. No KIDDING I could not a treadmil to the first incline. Whats worse is that I couldn't finish the 15 min test.


That made me take a very hard look at what I had let myself become. The fisrt thing I did for me was to find an excercise bike. I found a recumbent bike that was comfortale to sit on and use, now the hard part... actually using it . I started 5 mins a day and 10 mins W/ 10lbs hand weights.

After forcing myself for about a week, it started to become an obsession so to speak. Every day was a little more and a little better untill now 7 months down the road I am biking 20 - 30 mins and have included many diferant free weightsand streatch rutines.

I have gained more muscle and lost 15lbs. of fat HELL YEAH I love it!

The hardest part was getting started the first time, little by little abit more everyday make the difference. Its just getting started 

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Good for you! These kind of stories are so inspiring!

I did something similar some years ago - I bought a weight bench at a rummage sale for $3, then bought a bunch of 5 lb weights and for exercises I used a bunch of body building exercises just to establish the right varieties of exercises. They say to wait 2 or 3 mins between each exercise but I was also interested in aerobic effect as well as lacking patience so I just alternated types of exercises so I could keep right on going. Over the summer I lost some 25 lbs without any dieting, and as I also began riding bicycle a lot, got very good aerobic benefit, and my resting pulse rate went down from about 70 to about 42! At one point, I was on top of my pickup camper when I slipped down onto the pickup cab and then off that to the ground. My muscles were so well exercised that I landed on the ground like a cat, with no injury whatsoever! However, it is always important to protect your joints and don't overstress them. If one joint is injured, protect it, and just work around it and keep on going.

thank you

Kudos to you :)