Nude Health Club

Many years ago when I lived in Chicago I joined a health club that was part of a large chain. The club I would visit the most was on a high floor of a high rise building. Space was limited to everything was cramped together. They would hold the aerobics classes in the same room as the weights. After a year of membership I realized I had never been as unhealthy as during the past year. My thinking was working out with the weights while all the sweaty people throwing off who-knows-what in such close quarters was not good.

So when the membership lapsed, I took part of what would have been my dues and bought a variety of dumbbells and started doing my weight workouts at home. In addition to doing weights, I would do 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups each morning at home. At the time I was not a nudist and didn’t even sleep nude.

A few years later, after moving to Florida, I discovered I enjoyed being nude. My first visit to a California’s Black’s Beach was the eureka moment for my conversion to nudism.

From that point on, I started incorporating more nudity in my home life, including sleeping naked. So it was an easy step to start doing the morning sit-ups and push-ups nude after getting out of bed. And soon after the idea of working out with my weights while nude seemed like a fine idea.

Now, many years later and married, I continue to exercise while naked in my Nude Health Club. Not much has changed. Still sets of different exercises with the good, old versatile dumbbells. We have added a vertical knee raise & dip machine, which is often found in health clubs which don’t allow nudity while working out.
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56-60, M
Jan 15, 2013