I Worry Even If There Is Nothing To Worry About!

I have just been worrying like crazy for the last few days.  We have several things going on, moving, work, etc.  To tell you the truth, I have been worrying like crazy for years.  And yet, so far, things seem to work out pretty well.  What worries (and scares) me are the times between.  Waiting to find out what will happen.  I have a tremendous skill of thinking of the most disastrous ourcome or things happening!  And really, none of it has ever happened - it seems to be run away mind! 

This is my latest - We are planning on moving to a house in the mountains, we almost have it paid off and it is our best choice for our financilal and life's future.  We were there last weekend and on Saturday night 2 dogs next door started barking at 10pm and continued to 3 am!  I was about out of my mind - really loud, literally not a breath taken between barks all that time!

What made it worse, was I began to think that we can't live here.  this was our plan for years, our backup, etc.  And now it was destroyed by barking dogs!  I am very soundsitive and could not possibly live next to such dogs.  We left a very nice note on their door asking about the barking, we included our phone number and left several days early, not wanting to deal with the dogs.  This was on Sunday.  We did not expect to hear anything and we didin't hear anything, no call.  I totlally freaked out!!!   Screaming, crying, taing adivan, total worry melt down, depression, etc.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO, WHERE WILL I LIVE!

Meanwhile, my wife's cel phone had died.  On Thursday, we got it working and....there was a mesaage from the dog owners - from last Sunday - apologizing and asking us to call and work it out!  THERE WAS NOT A PROBLEM - except for the stupid cell phone.

I am now exhasted from absolute melt down worry from Sunday to Thusday - and it was all for NOTHING!

I cannot tell you how many times this has happened - total melt down worry, which turned out to be not a problem at all.  When will I ever learn!?!?  My wife is pretty much exactly the opposite, she just takes in what happens and deals with it.  I, on the other hand, become a raving lunatic and worry myself into a frenzy and then --- it all goes away. 

I hope that maybe with this group, maybe writing about it for me, reading what your worries are, and all that communication will help me grow as a person!
fltguy fltguy
61-65, M
Aug 12, 2010