I Worry About Everything

,i really do worry about everything , about my kids being kidnapped.always worrying they will be hurt in every way possible, thunderstorms scare me to death because of the Thoth's of tornadoes, i live in the Midwest so its very possible. i worry about someone breaking into my home and doing god awful things to my family, who wants to live like this threes so much more that frightens me but mabye i will share at a later time
angelle angelle
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2007

Did you start worrying about your kids as soon as they were born or once they got a bit older? I am a big worrier to and i've got my first on the way so I was just wondering what im in store for.

hi Guzbug - hope you are not worrying too much and have the joys outweigh the concerns. my girls are now teenagers and it's been great...and i am a worrier too. best wishes.

i was a born worrier, had my first ulcer at 8 years old. Is one of my worst character flaws. Not a comfortable way to live for sure. Guess someone has to worry....i have had plenty of people in my life who never worried about a thing and so i had to in order to assure we made it. Does that sound like an excuse?

Who doesn't worry? i worry about those things too. I worry that my husband won't make it home one day, things like that. But we still get up everyday with the hopes in our hearts that none of those bad things will happen to us and our family.