My Ode To The European Stability Mechanism

Money rigged in dead of night
eu voting,is this right?
just a funding vehicle
based on reduced collateral
just another trick
joke, all of it
this is a fund
a ceiling, has none

not suprised, paid for
by european taxpayers
just another way for
bankers know the scoere
this is another robbery
bankster criminal ponzi
financial gun to head
bang bang your dead

sinking cash on purpose
looking for any excuse
one government and world currency
this is madness definately
eurozone not working anyway
no chance of global currency
square pegs in round holes
ever increasing black hole

in worldwide finances
doing well without bankers
one thing, centralbanking
rich bankers just scamming
AND GROW A backbone
financial gun to head
bang bang: NO DEATH
just some short term pain
bankers loose, the rest gain

peace x
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012