My Ode To The Keiser Report

Greetings guys how do you do
just had to write a poem to you
standing firm on the truth
this banking cartels so uncouth

And the MP you had on the show
ran him in circles wouldn't you know
with your brutally honest opinion
about the banking cartels trillions

And Barclays used to be quakers
and a relyable bet; nobody safer
they knew god and his commandments
shame they dont; current incumbents

out and out thieves one and all
most suffering, a few having a ball
things going to change real soon
and i'm convinced the bankers will loose

as much as our food they're buying up
their bad kharma gonna cause bad luck
like the commodioties trader who did drugs for
insider information; to know the score

If his intentions were honerable he would
get accurate information about his hood
but because he was out for himself
he got his own personal hell

keep the faith guys the higher realms
and our alien cousinss are watching our hell
capitalisms imploding real soon
crashing it on purpose? i think so too

the banker lead system has to go
a gun to the peoples heads you know
can't we barter again instead of cash?
a much fairer system thats a fact

of cash we need an alternative
but nothing involving electrical circuits
enough EMP coming in a year or two
to fry all magnetic media, flush it down the loo

gold, silver old copper coins too
or some skills to be swapped by you
I can fix stuff and write poetry
anyone want to swap something with me?
41-45, M
Dec 8, 2012