Ambient Levels Of Co2 Today Are Multiples Greater Than Ever In The Planet's History

There is something I feel compelled to share on this issue. Since I'm home as I write this and my source for this one fact is a National Geographic poster in my office I cannot quote any numbers but I welcome all and anyone to contact me for more info and I will be pleased to provide as much as I can. In fact, just now I decided to agenda a mini project to later add specifics and numbers to what I will tell you herein and post that as a blog or other format on EP. In so doing I will also cull pertinent URLs into a list that I will include as part of the writing.


Through taking a great many of very deep core samples from particularly the most solid of permanent (thus far) ice and deeper substrates at and around the two polar regions of this planet, We (the professional collective I call 'science' for lack of better name) have been able to chart the concentrations/amounts/levels of CO2 present in the ambient air as far back as multiples of millions of years. This was done so thoroughly and in such a manner via international and multidisciplinary collaboration and cooperation as well as unprecedented layers of checks and balances that no potential private, personal, corporate or government etc. agendas could possibly influence the factual findings of the research. Hence, We have an actual graph (the Nat Geo issued poster in my office contains this graph as well as same in graphs for/of a few other variables such as ambient temperature) of the history of the ambient CO2 concentration of Earth's immediate atmosphere from almost when this planet was formed clear through to today. This was how we found out that yes, the ambient CO2 concentrations have indeed risen and fallen in a cyclic trend 'naturally', long before there was any industrial and even the most primitive activity of humans on Earth. The cycles repeat consistently on the graph and each cycle is of hundreds of thousands of years long. From the beginning of this graph up to the start of the human industrial age/activity the highest ambient level of CO2 in each cycle has been relatively consistent in every cycle as are the graphs for ambient temperature and the other measured variables. Some time after the start of the industrial age, the ambient CO2 levels began to rapidly increase so significantly that the graph line at that time in history is several times (100% increases) higher than the highest point of each cycle and it has NEVER fallen since and it now depicts an exponential upward 'curve' that appears on the graph more like a vertical line rather than any curve at all. THE AMBIENT CO2 LEVEL TODAY, 12/6/2010, IS AT LEAST TEN TIMES (1,000%) GREATER/HIGHER THAN THE GREATEST/HIGHEST LEVELS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN PRESENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET and on that CO2 graph, at the date of 12/6/2010, the CO2 level graph line is, from the start of the industrial age through today, a vertical line that is most obviously and unquestionably NOT NATURAL
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Uh, that's absolutely wrong when you say highest in the planet's history:<br /><br />
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If you restrict that to highest in the past 400,000 years, you're correct:<br /><br />
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But 10x greater? No, it's not even double. Now, that is high for the recent geologic era, but is it relevant? CO2 is a trace gas, and has a warming effect. But there are many other factors in determining global temperatures that can overwhelm any changes created by CO2 changes. Just because CO2 has fluctuated with glaciation doesn't prove cause and effect. That could very well be an effect of glaciation, not a cause, since the level of forest cover dramatically falls during ice ages, due to advancing glaciers.

I was wondering where Europe and Asia were at on the matter. Thank you.

It is a "non-debate" in N. America re: anthropogenic causes of global climate change. In Europe they have long since closed the book on this issue and do not waste time debating this. <br />
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The only fraud I can uncover is the few nutbar scientists who've been endorsed by the oil and gas companies to try and convince people the changes to our climate is all naturally caused. <br />
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It's time for N. America to grow up and start acting responsibly, to change our lifestyles and recreate ourselves in preparation for the future.