So Did I

I became concerned a while ago about the environment and as an engineer  with a science background gave me some insight that made me question the validity of the information that Mr Gore presented for public display. I think this video will help many understand the creation of this movement  and enlighten anyone who has the time to view this video.

Caliper Caliper
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2011

True on every account. Thanks for your comment.<br />
I guess they will have a real difficult time explaining why the poles reverse themselves, as geologists have proven has happened several times. It will be amusing to hear the next big lie.

Didn't have to wait long ... The progressives have had to acknowledge the ocean currents are changing ... so they are explaining it by saying global warming is changing the currents .. LOL .. So El Nino is now caused by climate ... instead of El Nino changing the climate ... The progressives are selling "the tail wags the dog" ... Progressive never run out of lies and propoganda to sell their ideology .. no matter how stupid or inaccurate the lies may be ... They will lie with a straight face.

Progressives will lie ... and then swear to it. We are now seeing liberal "scientists" who are being caught in their lies ... and fudging and suppression of data. None of these so called scientists have been able to explain the little ice age or why the little ice age ended ... and yet they want to predict what the climate will be 50-100 yrs from now. That is not how science works. First you explain what has happened ... and then you apply that to future events. AGW is more like the science of rainmakers in the 30s ... 5% science ... and 95% con. <br />
The real source of our current climate change is due to the rotation of earth's magnetic field ... The earth's magnetic poles have been dramatically moving ... and recent scientific discoveries have tied ocean currents to earth's magnetic field ... change ocean currents ... and you change climates. Unfortunately for progressives ... this change can't be blamed on man and used politcally ... but they will try.