"HOGWASH and Poppycock."

I get very upset with people who say this or something to this effect.  How can they be so blind.  Look around us, open your eyes, it is there.  From the North pole to the South pole and all places in between.

I don't worry how it will affect me as I am over 60 and will be long gone by the time things get really harsh.  I do worry about my grandchildren and their children.

I try to do my part though, every day, and will continue to be as green as I can possibly be.


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You may think that some warning labels are hogwash or poppycock but some mornings are good ones cause they protect people like younger children in some cases because children are not able to read a parent or guardian has to read the label for them

Global warming is a load of bull ****

Have you been to Massachusetts lol come up here and have some global warming 😊

global warming is a natural cycle caused by solar cycles combined with conditions on earth or any planet. what you are whitnessing is the end of the last ice age.<br />
in 25000 years everything will be normal. and humans will adjust to any conditions nature will create. so will the turtles and every critter that has a purpose wheather predator or prey! nature needed help so she created humans (smart monkeys) so shut up about global warming its a scam with a market targeted toward you weekminded democrats who think Al GORE knows something about earth science! <br />
any honest scientist will tell you global warming happens every 25000 years and the ice caps never totally melt! so shut up about global warming!

To everyone: You're all worried about nothing. Why? Because there is NO SUCH THING as GW!!!! Strongly suggest you [all] start reading the Word of God, aka; Holy Bible. Human kind is not in control.............GOD IS!!!!!!!!!!!

If nothing is real but God's will, why do anything? Don't volunteer. Don't help others. Might as well go for total self-interest; God is taking care of everything.

What?? What does the governments GW scam have to do with volunteering, helping others &amp; generally being kind? I'm talking apples while you're talking oranges.

You brought God into it, not me.

So? Are you some sort of atheist?

Right on. This is complete hogwash.

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how many of you morons have actually read the science produced from global warming studies? i have and they cant proove anything except it happens every 25000 years or so and an ice age just ended did we cause the last global warming/ice age? the weather has small cycles (el-ninio/ la-ninia) to ice ages and polar caps get small so shut up about global warming and get a gas hog american suv and use american oil unless we can get foreign oil for 5 dollars per barrel! thats the real gimmick behind global warming. i want to confront T.Boon Pickins about that too because we are getting screwed bigtime!!!!!!!!

"Everyday more and more scientists come out and to say GW is BS. "<br />
<br />
You just spout stuff this stuff and expect people to take it as fact. THAT'S BS.

I'm with you. And surveying over the people here, I don't know why there aren't any younger people on here. Its sad that I'm actually wondering whether having a child is not a good idea because I don't know what kind of earth they will live in. <br />
<br />
I'm a green soldier :) <br />
It's not a bandwagon, its a way of life!

Well I have worked in Real Science all my life and the Global warming is just another myth concocted to separate people from their money. Look at billionaire Al Gore and his "Carbon Credits" scam. Always follow the money in any new "Idea". In fact with the much lower temperatures we experienced due to lack of sunspots, I tell people I cannot take much more of this "Global Warming" - I might freeze to death!

Regarding the "consensus" among scientists that global warming is caused by man, I challenge those that agree to look at this link: www.petitionproject.org <br />
It's apparent that many refuse to consider that there may be something going on other than the gospel according to the "Greens." Don't be a lemming and get indoctrinated along with the masses. Do your own research!

I understand the science.
But the only thing we CAN do something about is our own actions, therefore, we focus on things man can cause and man can change.

– Sat Mar 12, 3:19 pm ET<br />
<br />
WASHINGTON (AFP) – US oil giant Chevron announced Friday it had lodged an appeal of an order by an Ecuadoran court requiring it to pay $9.5 billion dollars for environmental damage in the Amazon.<br />
<br />
Chevron said in a statement the appeal of last month's decision "details the pattern of fraud by the plaintiffs' lawyers, supporters and others that has corrupted the trial, as well as the numerous legal and factual defects in the judgment."<br />
<br />
The firm said it would also pursue efforts at an international tribunal and in the US courts to prevent enforcement of the ruling.<br />
<br />
The court in Ecuador last month released a landmark penalty against Chevron of $8.6 billion with an addition 10 percent for environment management costs in the suit that dates back to 1993 against Texaco, a firm later acquired by Chevron.<br />
<br />
Plaintiffs in the case, which include indigenous communities in Ecuador, also plan to appeal, saying the ruling fails to adequately compensate for certain damages and illness.<br />
<br />
They were seeking more than $27 billion for pollution damage caused by Texaco's oil extraction between 1964 and 1990.<br />
<br />
Chevron said its appeal includes "thousands of documents that memorialize the plaintiffs' lawyers' efforts to pressure judges to rule in their favor, corrupt expert reports, and manufacture evidence."<br />
<br />
The lawsuit on behalf of Ecuadoran Amazon communities was originally filed in New York in 1993.<br />
<br />
The Ecuadorans allege that Texaco dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon.<br />
<br />
Chevron, the second-largest energy company in the United States, has long claimed the process was tainted.

This is a extremely controversial topic, some stand to gain by telling us, the planet is headed to certain disaster, that would be the greens, etc. Yet others stand to gain, by no change whatsoever, that would be oil companies, etc. Governments of the developed world, tiptoe on a taunt tightrope, so as to not lose votes, but still gain some. Meanwhile, trying to appear to remain sensitive to the greens, the general public, the planet. And let the oil companies, continue to conduct business, while being forced to change their bad habits. One example of that, give or take 28 years ago, while working in the patch, in northern Alberta. In the middle of the night, I stumbled across a fellow, that had just lit a 2nd ecology pit, full of waste oil, etc. They were 2 huge pits, give or take 50ft x 200ft x 10ft. they wouldn't dare try that today here in North America. Yet a couple weeks ago, I saw an article on Yahoo, about Texaco at the time of the spill, since bought out by Chevron. 30 years ago in Ecuador, they had a spill and did nothing to cleanup the mess. Now taken to court by an elder, that has had to live with a large pool of crude, in her backyard for 30 years. And the ensuing health hazards, where many have suffered, she won, Chevron has been fined many millions in damages. I went looking for the article again, for an accurate dollar value, that Chevron was fined, and it's been removed totally. I sense a coverup, someone trying to stuff the cat back into the bag. Some oil companies do a lousy job, of showing their good intentions.

There is something I feel compelled to share on this issue. Since I'm home as I write this and my source for this one fact is a National Geographic poster in my office I cannot quote any numbers but I welcome all and anyone to contact me for more info and I will be pleased to provide as much as I can. In fact, just now I decided to agenda a mini project to later add specifics and numbers to what I will tell you herein and post that as a blog or other format on EP. In so doing I will also cull pertinent URLs into a list that I will include as part of the writing.<br />
<br />
Through taking a great many of very deep core samples from particularly the most solid of permanent (thus far) ice and deeper substrates at and around the two polar regions of this planet, We (the professional collective I call 'science' for lack of better name) have been able to chart the concentrations/amounts/levels of CO2 present in the ambient air as far back as multiples of millions of years. This was done so thoroughly and in such a manner via international and multidisciplinary collaboration and cooperation as well as unprecedented la<x>yers of checks and balances that no potential private, personal, corporate or government etc. agendas could possibly influence the factual findings of the research. Hence, We have an actual graph (the Nat Geo issued poster in my office contains this graph as well as same in graphs for/of a few other variables such as ambient temperature) of the history of the ambient CO2 concentration of Earth's immediate atmosphere from almost when this planet was formed clear through to today. This was how we found out that yes, the ambient CO2 concentrations have indeed risen and fallen in a cyclic trend 'naturally', long before there was any industrial and even the most primitive activity of humans on Earth. The cycles repeat consistently on the graph and each cycle is of hundreds of thousands of years long. From the beginning of this graph up to the start of the human industrial age/activity the highest ambient level of CO2 in each cycle has been relatively consistent in every cycle as are the graphs for ambient temperature and the other measured variables. Some time after the start of the industrial age, the ambient CO2 levels began to rapidly increase so significantly that the graph line at that time in history is several times (100% increases) higher than the highest point of each cycle and it has NEVER fallen since and it now depicts an exponential upward 'curve' that appears on the graph more like a vertical line rather than any curve at all. THE AMBIENT CO2 LEVEL TODAY, 12/6/2010, IS AT LEAST TEN TIMES (1,000%) GREATER/HIGHER THAN THE GREATEST/HIGHEST LEVELS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN PRESENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET and on that CO2 graph, at the date of 12/6/2010, the CO2 level graph line is, from the start of the industrial age through today, a vertical line that is most obviously and unquestionably NOT NATURAL.

Humans are fundamentally at large. Lazy and greedy. The writing is on the wall for us. Too long have we destroyed the environment that supports us. We will become an endangered species. Stupid humans.

I lived in Los Angeles in the 1960's--rolling smog blankets. NOT caused by people, cars did it. People don't cause anything (Dear Santa can you bring me......) yes, climate does change but we help it change to believe otherwise is like writing to Santa. There are so many talented people out there that could fix this problem but due to goverment regs, blocking by special interests (Their own), and others nothing will happen. SO much potential in this country and so much opposition--pathetic.

I fully agree with you. People fail to see that..when theres global warming ..it will also lead to global cooling. It wont be balanced. People go like oh its a hoax. I think thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard because sooner or later..what we are doing to the environment is going to affect us back. IS everyone that blind to just see population increase with more vehicles more transport..more factories..more nuclear power plants..more oil rigs..more planes ruining the atmosphere. What do you think is going to happen when the cities expand when more production is needed. Its going to expand more and more and take over nature if it keeps going like this. SO YOU ARE RIGHT. We are just destroying our planet but people fail to see that because they are just enjoying their city life. People who call all this a hoax are just blind to see whats going on. Doesnt matter global warming happens right now..what matters is that everyone's health is still affected by pollution and even water is polluted now and its fluoride and chlorine is being added. We pay for water..that is just SAD. This is control everyone..this is control but we fail to realise that. So many earthquakes so many bad weather all of a sudden. Did anyone notice that drilling for oil can kill the earths movement patterns? Theres a reason for why there is oil in earth..its not for cars. There is a raeson for why gold,why diamonds why all these special minerals and crystals are inside earth. Its for earths nutrients and the greenery of the planet. There is a purpose for everything. I believe more earthquakes happen often because barely any oil in earth..and the tectonic plates cannot shift smoothly with less effects. Stop saying haarp bullshit this and that. First blame whats being done in front of your eyes. Then you can say haarp and allt hat stuff as well. It could be haarp causing earthquakes..but think about whats most obvious thats being done to the environment that everybody accepts?. We are letting all this happen but blaming on something random. Thank you..i hope you make more people awaken:)

Well said BonnieJene<br />
It is probably my biggest fear.<br />
Even more than finding spiders in the toilet!<br />
<br />
Seriously, I hope my kids are 'saved' from this....

Those of us that are not scientists can have analyses thrown at us, such as the one from the conservative think tank cited by Hope2, and it sounds convincing. I keep coming back to the fact that the majority of scientists studying climate change conclude that our activities are contributing to climate change and that there is reason for alarm. I find it easier to believe that than to believe that they are all part of some conspiracy to--What? A conspiracy to reduce our dependence on oil and be more responsible and thoughtful about how our activities impact our environment? <br />
<br />
It is a complex issue in terms of which of our activities have the most impact. The classic example being the impact of the gasses created by cows. I can live without beef. I was in a position to buy a hybrid, not everyone is. I am in a position to arrange a short commute, not everyone is. My point is: There are things we can do on an individual basis to reduce our carbon footprint, and each of us should strive to do that. But we also need comprehensive, science-informed regulation and support for green technology. Both the effort and intention of the individual and government regulation and support are needed to address this issue. The risk of not addressing climate change far outweighs the risk of addressing it in a serious, comprehensive fashion--uncomfortable as it is to our lifestyle and way of living to make the changes necessary to pull us back from the brink of an ecological disaster that the majority of climate change scientists are predicting.

BonnieJene, thanks for bringing up this matter. I too fear for the world my children and grandchildren will live in if we do not soon change our wasteful ways.<br />
FrenchSpaniard, do you always hide your head in the sand, or just in this instance?... just curious.<br />
I actually think that technically speaking, the correct term is Global Climate Change. Some places are becoming warmer as others are becoming colder; some drier and others wetter. That said, the naysayers enjoy using the lack of consistency to poo-poo the science and common sense of the issue.<br />
Josephy, I see no one rushing to the government for protection. BonnieJene’s point is that we all need to take responsibility and make changes ourselves.<br />
I myself have no problem with government regulating what the greedy powers that bee refuse to take responsibility for. I cannot buy a vehicle that gets 50+ miles per gallon, because they aren’t available, and yet my 1993 Geo Metro got similar mileage 16 years ago! Surely with the improved technology in the last 19 years, it should be possible to get in the 60’s, but auto makers have not been working in that direction. If it takes regulation to make it happen, then I’m all for it. <br />
It reminds me of the lack of regulation in the banking industry. Look what that got us!<br />
Lorraine1223, I laughed out loud at your comment.<br />
Finally, I do not understand how anyone believes you can keep overusing any limited source and not expect it to run out eventually. <br />
Saving energy means saving our air and our water as well. Surely the most skeptical of naysayers must realize that cleaner air and water are needed for all of us..

LillithTimeless, If such technology existed why would you need government regulation to force companies to make a fortune selling a product that would be in such high demand? Besides, over the past 3 years the US government has blown tens of millions of our tax money to corrupt green energy companies like Solyndra.

Alexishappy <br />
Im sorry I didnt make myself clear I was commenting on the issue of global warming I didnt mean to sound flip or foolish (guess I did , huh?)<br />
I'll try it again Some scientists say well here ill quote them<br />
<br />
Does the history of North American glacial activity support the climate-alarmist claim that anthropogenic CO2 emissions drove temperatures to new and unprecedented heights near the end of the 20th century? We here review some studies of North American glaciers that speak to this issue. <br />
<br />
Dowdeswell et al. (1997) analyzed the mass balance histories of the 18 Arctic glaciers that have the longest observational records, finding that just over 80% of them displayed negative mass balances over the last half of the 20th century. However, they note that “ice-core records from the Canadian High Arctic islands indicate that the generally negative glacier mass balances observed over the past 50 years have probably been typical of Arctic glaciers since the end of the Little Ice Age.” Also, they emphatically state “there is no compelling indication of increasingly negative balance conditions which might, a priori, be expected from anthropogenically induced global warming.” Quite to the contrary, they report that “almost 80% of the mass balance time series also have a positive trend, toward a less negative mass balance.” Hence, although most of these High Arctic Canadian glaciers continue to lose mass, as they have probably done since the end of the Little Ice Age, they are losing smaller amounts each year, in the mean, which is not what one would expect in the face of rapidly rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations if they truly drive global warming as dramatically as climate-alarmists say they do. or<br />
theres quite a few more scientific studies and research listed on this cite<br />
http://ff.org/centers/csspp/library/co2weekly/2005-05-26/glaciers.htm<br />
<br />
They all say Clearly, and contrary to the strident claims of climate alarmists, something other than the historic rise in the air’s CO2 content has been responsible for the disappearing ice fields . It should also be clear to all that the historical behavior of North America’s glaciers provides no evidence whatsoever for unprecedented or unnatural CO2-induced global warming over any part of the 20th century.<br />
<br />
I need to say again that we need to use our resources responsibly and wisely. We need to do everything we can to clean up our water and air and improve the well being of our planet

we need to do our share in using resources wisely and to keep the land and sea and air and even space clean, but global warming? A gazillion or so years ago Or even a million North America was cover by glaciers and ice fields Even california

If we could duct tape **** Cheney and Rush Limbaugh's mouths shut, there would be no global warming.<br />
<br />
In the mean time, I do my best to take care of the environment.

I agree that we should do all we can (within reason) to protect our environment. I do however feel that people need to be more educated when it comes to this subject. Lots of people dont know how to help, or think they help but are actually making things worse. <br />
<br />
Just an example from an article that was in the newspaper this week:<br />
<br />
creating biofuel actually pollutes the earth even more...<br />
during the process of creating biologic fuel (made from corn for example) large amounts of nitrogen are released. This substance (sp?) is even worse then carbon dioxide (which is often seen as "the bad guy"). So why would we even want biological fuel if the process is more polluting then the usage of the fuel we already have? <br />
<br />
Also as mentioned before global warming is a pretty "natural" thing it has happend to this planet before (through the warming ice melts, which cools down the sea water and that cools down the entire world climate leading to ice ages before warming again) so how much are we really to be held responsible for it? and how much can we really do about it?

global warming is not supported by scientific consensus. But see how the weak minded rush to the government for protection. Our people have become mindless sheep in need of a master. It is very sad.

It is supported by scientists. Read a newspaper now and then will ya? And no, Fox News is not news.

I remember back in the late 70's and early 80's, the government told us all to BEWARE OF THE COMING ICE AGE!!!!!!! That never happened either.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and the oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation. Global surface temperature increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) during the 100 years ending in 2005.<br />
Green Belt Six Sigma Training

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and the oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation. Global surface temperature increased 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F) during the 100 years ending in 2005.<br />
Green Belt Six Sigma Training

I agree with you. Besides if you look at earths history of climate change it is going to do it without our help. We are only speeding things up.

ugh please. this is a load of hogwash and poppycock. fo sho. its useless propaganda set up by the government to try to get the money of this generation. total bullshit and i cant believe anyone ever believes any of it... get a life people!!

Lol. Blind as a bat.

its good to worry.all we can do is carry on an be a green as we can for furture generations

Unfortunately most power is coming from burning coal.. Clean coal, you say? Bahahah.. so that'll have to change sooner than later, but it's a separate issue from car pollution.<br />
I don't know a lot about hybrids and how they work, but the electrical systems in cars are powered by the engine generating electricity from burning gasoline. I'm not sure, but do hybrids store excess electricity and use it to run the engine? I should do more reading on 'em..<br />
All I know is that my grandma bought one, and she spent only $100 on gas on a 1600km road trip. That's insane!

Bonnie, hybrid cars burn less gas for the distance. Not a huge change but at least a step in the right direction. There's a car coming out that runs on pure electric for the first 40 miles, which would mean most people dont burn a drop of gas. The oil the electic company burns is far less then that of your car.<br />
<br />
From what I've heard global warming is natural (it seems the sun is actually getting hotter) but either way you look at it, places like LA being full of smog is probably a bad thing. so Im all for green stuff anyways.<br />
<br />
Celery, do your homework, you can almost get the damn things installed for free. The fed will pay part, your state may pay part and the rest you can probably get a grant for. Google kicks ***, go do some searching and let us know when those babies are installed.

AMEN, but have you ever noticed, anything that is good for us or the planet is always more expensive?<br />
<br />
And I have a question, how does a hybrid car save anything?<br />
It takes oil to make gasoline and electricity so I fail to see where we are going to be saving anything.

I totally agree. If we all just do something small each day, we can make a difference. Personally, I find it aggravating that solar panels are so expensive to install. It seems stupid to me that in a place like southern California developers aren't required to use them. The sun's energy is FREE!!! Why not harness it in places where it is abundant?!!! I'd put them on my roof in a second if they weren't so darned expensive!!!!

Thank you and onward and forward green soldiers.