Australia's Heat Waves

The temperature in Australia definitely has increased as their Bureau of Meteorology has been forced to add a new color to their color scheme. The color purple now means that the temperature may reach 54 degrees Celsius. Daily Mail reports that "[r]emote parts of Southern Australia have already soared to 54 degrees Celsius, while Sydney hit a scorching 42 degrees Celsius." Because of this, there will be some an increase in wildfires across the country.


mareliberum mareliberum
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

<p>54 Celsius (129.2 Fahrenheit) is hot. However, some years ago in the Iranian desert, a temperature of 70 Celsius (158 Fahrenheit) was measured. Across the world, increased CO2 is causing higher temperatures. CO2 is higher in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern Hemisphere, because the Northern Hemisphere is where most of the fossil fuel is burned. The CO2 values in the Southern Hemisphere are increasing as well, and it would be no big surprise if sometime in this 21st century the Australian Bureau of meteorology eventually has to add a few more colours to the temperature legend on the high end.</p>