As Nelly Once Said, "It's Gettin In Hot In Here"

Ever since I did a major research report 4 years ago on the effects of global warming on the arctic, I've become an activist. I started crying when I read that polar bears were going extinct. Never did I think an animal would go extinct during my lifetime. I am constantly unplugging things when they are not in use and advocating my opinions and tips. Many people make fun of me and roll their eyes for being a treehugger, but I see nothing wrong in caring about the world. They are the ones that will be most affected, since they are unprepared and are in denial. I could rant all day but I think I'll stop here

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The weather patterns have been changing like this - back and forth, warming and cooling - for thousands and thousands of years before we humans ever inhabited the earth. <br />
Global Warming is not an awareness, it's a grandstanding issue that has evolved into a religion and instead of passing the collection plate they are taxing us to death in the name of being "green". <br />

some of the glaciers are melting...but why do you suppose the media does not tell you about the ones that are growing?<br />
<br />
it is a convenient, deliberate, oversight on their part to keep the public blind to the facts.<br />
<br />
Have you ever even seen a glacier?

And in fifty years if it is a real thing, you too think back to this conversation. In my opinion... I think its hard to say YES ITS REAL or NO ITS NOT. Im kind of convinced becouse of all of the glaciers melting and sea level rising.I dunno,just my opinion i know many different people that see it both ways and im open for opinions its the people that are "posotive" of there OPINIONS that **** me off.

We were trying to help you see the truth. In fifty years, please remember to think back to this conversation and realize how foolish the global warming fraud was.

I wasn't trying to pirate your thread, sorry.

If you guys don't believe in this stuff, why are you even reading the stories in this group? You are wasting your time. Goodbye everyone

It depends on what part of the country you live in... but, the answer to your question is.... YES.

So if you go to public school, that means you are learning lies? hmmm, i did not know that >:(

Chris...oh yeah, I forgot! Help Me, I'm melting...

Orien....don't forget the acid rain too....

No offense, but I bet you were educated in government schools?<br />
<br />
The global warming myth is designed to enslave you. You wouldn't know this, but in the 1970's the loons were talking about the coming ice age before the end of the century.<br />
<br />
Think for yourself, and always be skeptical in what politicians tell you.

The polar bear population has increased 30% , and the world mean temperature has cooled in the last 10 years.<br />
Don't buy into the nonsense. I'm not trying to pick a fight, it's ok to believe what ever you want of course!<br />
We definitly need to take care of our mother though

Nothing is going extinct, except the "scientists" who say so.