It's Not In the Future. It's Here.

Flooding in England and India. Historic drought in the US and Australia. Historic heat in the US. England had summer this spring and then no summer at all during the summer months. The ocean is acidifying and the coral reefs are dying. Two tropical storms have formed in the Gulf of Mexico this year; no storms had formed in the Gulf since 1972 prior to this.

Spring and Autumn have arrived in the UK about 6 weeks early this year.

This can't end well.

Pinget Pinget
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2007

i REALLY want gore to run. period. with the 16 billion dollars the republicans used to refute the evidence of global warming leaves me a little uh skeptical on what candidates who do not have the environment as a priority, can do for the environment.

That would be Buenos Aires.