Need to Take a New Approach to Global Warming Debates

Global warming and climate change has unfortunately been snatched up by politics, and I think unfortunately that means there will always be a big divide.

One group knows that climate change is at least partly man-made. The other groups knows that climate change is just a natural cycle.

Because climate change is now involved with politics, I think that no satisfactory answer will ever come out to convince everyone. Propaganda is at play. It means we can't know the truth. Sad.

But, in the end it does not matter. We can shift our arguments towards what we know. Frankly, who cares if climate change is man-made or not?

The fact is that car emissions and pollutants are bad regardless. They are bad for human health (respiratory illnesses, cancer, etc.) and they are bad for the environment.

I really can't understand why some people are stuck on continuing to use a finite resource responsible for so much war and death in this world, rather then going green. Especially when an economic crisis exists, where green industries could provide new jobs and new industry in North America. They simply don't want to make any sacrifices or changes to their lifestyle.

While people are distracted it may become too late for human kind. But short of changing methods of arguing against car emissions, I'm not sure what else can be done at this point.


Nickmare Nickmare
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2009

The reason you should care is because there are politicians out there that want to tax you ba<x>sed on your carbon emissions. And they can only rationalize levying such a tax if your carbon emission has some detrimental effect on others. This is a very dangerous step forward to giving government all kinds of control over people. <br />
<br />
The fact is that carbon output, human or otherwise has no effect on climate.

Very intelligent and rational. I find no flaw in your reasoning or conclusion. Thanks for the sanity infusion.