Where Is The Global Warming ...

Where is the global warming when we need it most?

I am sitting here in front of my computer pondering the effects of global warming and asking myself where is it when we need it most.

The outside temperature right now is minus 38 c. And there is a brisk wind blowing. the weatherman says with the windchill.... its minus 49c. You don't dare head outdoors without a touque and mitts. Skin freezes in 10 minutes in this weather. Forget using your vehicle if it hasn't been plugged in overnight... cause it won't start. If you have an old battery.. chances are its frozen... and needs to be replaced.

The forecast says its going to get worse... before it gets better. Windchills are forecast to be down around minus 60 tonight.. I am aware that many of my American friends have just gone through one heck of  a blizzard in the last few days... but I would rather have the snow than this.

Wheres the global warming ? BRING IT ON

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I love you to bits dear Baker, but I TOTALLY disagree with you on the subject of global warming. . .!! But I am not going to get into an argument about it with you!<br />
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Instead I'm suggesting a holiday to sunny Australia where the temperature here today is expected to reach a delightful 25 degrees C ( or 77 F).

I think you also need to open your eyes to history. According to scientists... the earth has been through three ice ages. These ice ages ended as the earth went through a global warming process. This is just history repeating itself. I am willing to bet that those areas in florida or elsewhere were under water during the last iceage too.<br />
Millions of people worldwide are living on land that once was under water and could end up under water once again... and once again... its history repeating itself.<br />
These stories recently of the fudged climate change data are only the beginning of a conspiracy that we have all been sucked into to justify money grabbing tactics by governments. Way too much money is being used to employ global warming crackpots now... to reverse the trend. <br />
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If thirty years from now if the earth cools so dramatically that Ice starts taking over the areas we occupy... who or what are we going to blame then?

The climate change is most noticeable near the polls. Australia and Greenland for example. Or at the equator Those who sit in latitudes "in between shall be the last affected. To look out your window if you live in these areas and assert there is no climate change, or to ask to bring it on are either ignorant on purpose or by accident. Micro climate observations of what is happening outside one's own window when the change is global and far more intense in some areas and NOT in others is choosing to remain ignorant. (Many parts of Florida and many coastal areas worldwide are underwater now; they were not a few years ago.... Climate change and global warming are very real. Please throw off the blindfolds by using actual research and gaining a global (not outside your window) persective on this problem.