Right Or Wrong

before... i was a child  unaware that my choices would affect not only my present but my future as well

i grew up.


Found that a choice made yesterday still has the power to hunt me today.

it made me weary, afraid of my own actions.

Still, i grew up some more.... some days are better than others

i found my own truths... right or wrong they are mine... paths i pointed out and walked upon gave me a liltle bit of sureness in my step.


One day i found myself still unsure but more willing to move... going through my decisions finally accepting the fear as well as the knowledge that whatever happens i can get through it maybe not with as much grace as some but with the strength that i myself possess.


my rights, my wrongs ---mine----my fear will not stop me cause everyday a step will be taken... a road will be made and i shall pass...

mayari27 mayari27
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 24, 2008

Take life slow, be happy, love, have fun, focus on your dreams and dont let anyone tell you you cant do whatever you set your mind to xoxo