I Do, Even When

I don't neccessarily need to.  I am not like really thrifty, you know like a penny pincher, but I try to always be aware of how much I am spending, and how much I am buying, and I am always worried if I will have enough money to cover if I ever had an emergency or an accident.  That is what I mostly worry about.  I don't always have a steady job, or I used to not, so when that happens, that's when I mostly worry about money, even though I have friends and family who would and have helped me when I needed and I could.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

This is a good quality, not a bad one. If you focus on stashing money in savings each paycheck, before you know it you'll have a nice security blanket to catch you during the times that your job situation puts you in flux. If more people spent time concerning themselves with saving money, the economy wouldn't be in this situation!

i know how you feel. i have a steady job and i'm still worried about having enough money especially if an unexpected expense comes up. it all gets to be very nerve wracking, the constant worry.