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my heart breaks every time i think about those poor, beautiful bears struggling to survive. it's so sad and scary to think of them fighting just to make it through each day. those commercials that show them struggling to find ice chunks to stay afloat on? omg, those are devastating. we can't afford to lose any more species. i send my prayers out to the polar bears, and all other the other wildlife that's in danger, but i wish i could actually save them all with my own two hands.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

yeah, i'm actually making it a priority to learn more about the problem and how we can all help it. it's true, we do have the potential, and every small step counts in a big way!<br />
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i know, flourlady, i watch a lot of shows about them too! they make me so sad, sometimes i can't finish watching. i want to just reach through the tv and save them all!

girl you are just like me i believe! i worry about them every day. seems like there would be a way we could relocate them .they are starving slowly. i watch shows about them all the time!

There is something you can do.<br />
Be a carbon campaigner.<br />
Make a stand. <br />
Change your own bad habits and use more renewable energy.<br />
Offset your carbon footprint.<br />
Find out more about it and help other people learn more.<br />
Become someone who MAKES A DIFFERENCE.<br />
We all have the potential, but do you have the dedication?<br />