I have a love/hate relationship with my fellow humans just like most of you do. However I want everyone to be more aware of what they are doing and how it effects others and the earth. I wish that when people did something they took the future into account. Instead we are still drilling oil, still reproducing even though if you look at basic arithmetic when applied to population you see that we don't have much time left at this rate. MEANING, we should never intentionally reproduce, instead adopt all of the children from accidental reproduction in order to have a brighter and live able future for our children, and our children's children. OR for the option of our children, having children. The fact of the matter is, I don't want to see this place in 100 years for i fear it will be a living hell by today's standards. Everyone get's so worried about their lives or simple wants and needs. Wake up we have power we can do something about this... Yet... not many do. We find excuses as to why we can't do something instead of being brave enough to face the truth and fight for it. Well I believe that TRUTH can vary based upon a certain individuals perspective. However these are hard facts, the only TRUE language in our universe is math. I used math to come to this population conclusion, so have others. This is only the tipping point of the serious issues that are here now, and upcoming in the near future. We can't trust the rich people to just do everything and fix everything. The fact of the matter is, this planet has a certain amount of resources, they can and will run out or not be plentiful enough if we continue the way we are now and i'm just curious if others think about this stuff or do anything proactive to try and change it. If so i would love to brainstorm with you and discuss other issues. "Delusion is my worst enemy." You can do it, don't let the lies within you tell you otherwise. We can fix this, starting here today.
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Idk if you have beliefs like mine but Actually we have been entering a new era since the 70/80s which means we are going to start seeing some drastic changes very soon. Is the era of Aquarius if you look it up on google it explains the era and how our generation is going to start cracking government codes and changing laws. We will and already have started start questioning everything. Like why we are still using old laws when we see no progress. **** like that. Lol it's a positive era. But anyways no need to worry because things will change very very soon. Oh n the last era was Pisces which was mostly full of judgmental ignorant people, I'm sure you could tell.

Yeah i doubt the whole era thing has anything to do with the expansion of human consciousness however everything else is a good point. I think it's more or less a time of change right now mainly caused by the explosion in information called the internet. Things will always change and fortunately for us our very flawed consciousness is being upgraded right now!

Top post, what I think is really awesome is when I was young and I would talk about stuff like this everyone thought I was a fruitcake. I was raised by the generation that made mass contribution to the destruction of the planet and the generations before them, Your generation and the generation of my kids (7-17) are so much more aware and are actively trying to do something about it.

I explained to my 12 year old daughter the other day that when the baby-boomers and gen X (my gen) are dead, Gen Y and all future gen's will start to save the planet rather than trash it. :)

Too true :,(

population isn't actually a big problem, it's only going to rise to 11 billion

It is when we start to run out of resources...

You have to discover what is the problem and what is the solution.

So many problems, so little time. Why don't we just take a giant eraser to everything and start over? lol

It is about to happen, but the Universe is graceful

Creepy. Like the reverse big bang, then a new universe is reborn? :D

I think about trippy **** like that sometimes :3

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Yes! Good rant!

Willful ignorance seems to breed like flies unfortunately. We have this awesome tool for mass communication and interaction, a tool that could affect great change in the way we look at and go about our lives. Yet everyone wants to watch cute kitten videos on YouTube or send **** pics to each other. I ride my bike, and use public transit if I need to. I live in a fairly conscious community, but I try to effect change in small circles. What can we do on a large scale?

We could perhaps park a lobster boat in front of a giant coal distributor boat so that it can't transport it's shipment. I saw a story of this happening and the DA let the guys off of the charges because he was aware of the climate issue. There's all kinds of stuff that can be done man, it just take's a willing group of individuals.