Losts Ones

I was just browsing the confessions when I came across this one guy who said he has failed suicide but has made a will and left arrangements for how he wants to be buried when he dies. It really got to me. The way he said it made me think he was gonna log out and kick the bucket right there and then and it got me thinking about my buddies. In my circle there are alot of people that are depressed and just really down on life period and when I don't hear from them in a while, I start to think the worst. Like this one guy. I had just joined ep and I had left a comment on one of his stories and he was so touched that he sent me a long message thanking me for opening his eyes. He said he deleted his story because he "finally saw the bigger picture". I wasnt online when I got the message and when I checked it, it was a few days old so i clicked on his profile and he hadn't been online since he'd sent the message. Everyday I checked to see if he was online but he never came up. About a month and a half after I got his message, he sent me another. It was really long. He was telling me about what was going on in his life and thanking me again but the way he wrote it made me nervous, like he was saying goodbye but not in a "im deleting my account" sort of way. I don't know, it just didnt settle right in my stomach and I never got a chance to ask him about it. And he never came back online. Its been months but I still click to see if he's been online recently. Its a good possibility that he just stopped using ep but for some reason I just can't let it go. It made me ponder how I would feel if the ep buddies I am closest to just leave. I wouldn't handle it too well. I just hope that if it were to happen, I would be forwarned.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

I have a solution sweety :) <br />
Exchange numbers if you are really close that way you wont ever have to worry :)