My Predictions Of 2012 And Beyond And My Visions Of Nuclear War

when I went to sleep one night many years ago I had a symbol a nazi symbol pop up in my head and then I received the foresight of the future for humanity yet to come.the visions that I saw was I was behind a gate and there were children playing in new york city around the parks.

this year and beyond this year and of this year I received a vision called "illuminanti" or new world order and it said this to me as I was asleep that a nuclear war will happen after this year on this date december the 21st 2012.

and most of the world will be wiped out including the american cities and all around the world.
and I received another vision from an alien person "aleon" who came to this planet earth and warned humanity of nuclear devices.

many lightships and more ufo sightings will become from small objects or lights in the sky untill they become huge black lightships hovering through the earths atmosphere like fire over each and every city on earth will be messaged about using nuclear devices from the pleadian race who do not want humans to use these devices for it will wipe out millions.

my vision of jesus christ coming back on the world again is after the nuclear war jesus christ came back to isreal from the spirit realm again alike he did after he died on the cross.
and there was a light in the sky of great awsome colours because the sun reflects from spiritual light as well and makes it colourfull.

these were my visions from the "galactic federation" for humanity and rise of the anti christ is near so we need to prepare for these events this century.

illuminist90 illuminist90
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1 Response Aug 5, 2012

Have you even read the prophecies in the Bible? There are same that sound like Nuclear war. Also 2012 seems to be an important year to many religions, especially ones considered pagan.