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According to the Mayan calendar the Great Cycle is set to end on the winter solstice of 2012. On December 21 2012 our galaxy will spin the Earth's solar system into the other side of our galaxy and the sun will be at the exact center of the galaxy. When it came to mathematics and time, the Mayans were geniuses and it was their belief that time repeats itself in cycles. Many people believe December 21 2012 will herald a new era and massive changes will occur. Some have predicted cataclysmic events resulting in the destruction of the world on that date, while others believe the world won't end, but will change and never be the same. It will be the start of a new cycle.

Just like the moon orbits the earth, the earth orbits the sun in our solar system. Our galaxy, which is only a very tiny part of the universe, also spins in a circle. The Mayans understood this long before modern astronomy discovered it and predicted the start of a new era on December 21 2012 -not the end of the world! Many believe that the earth's magnetic poles will switch (which has happened before according to evidence recorded in the magnetism of ancient rocks found all over the world) however pole shift is a process that takes many thousands of years to complete and predicting it will cause the end of the world on a specific date is unrealistic. A new, longer form of the Mayan calendar will begin on December 22 2012 so it's not the end of the world, just the beginning of another cycle. The dawning of the age of aquarius, a time when humanity will start to take control of its own destiny, as our little planet continues to travel through it's small solar system, in a modest galaxy, in a universe that is infinite.


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Excuse me but I found a detailed desc<x>ription of a cycle in a package inserted within my box of Cocoa Puffs breakfast cereal. I'll spare you the details but it's safe to say they're utterly convincing and irrefutable; everything's coming to an end on February 13, 2012 at 1:12 GMT-give or take a few seconds.<br />
The ancient Mayans were idiots to be so far-off with their forecast.

To levin60kitty - YOU ARE FUNNY!<br />
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To fgsehfgznh: Your loved ones are near you in spirit. Even though you are 12, you are a wise old soul. We all have something to do here find out what that is and live the best life you can to honor the people that loved you. They would want you to be happy and greiving their loss is an important part of life - it gives even more value to your living, so that they can live on through you. And through your children and their children, etc. You can't leave until it's your time, so live the life your family would want you to live and become the best of all their goodness so they can live on through you. Compassion to you dear one.

Just watched a video on the date given for the Mayan Calendar was Feb 12, 2013. I wouldn't hold 12/21/12 as the exact date but I think it's close enough could happen before or after but I'm sure by that time we'll be seeing and experiencing some major events that we will know somethings going to happen.<br />
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Took a sacred geometry class and they talked about zero point no magnetics - something like the Mayans - it's like a rebooting of the planet. Also the Mayans talk about the dark riff. Heard a talk on coast to coast with the The Horizon person and they've been doing scientific research with people top in their fields only to come up with conclusions that's earth changes are definitely happening on the planet. They decided to go and study the prophecies in Iraq, Mayan, etc. because they gave a clear cut idea of the course of events that would take place and that are already happening.<br />
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The magnetics poles do shift quickly according to scientific info, haven't you seen the wooley mammoths they have found. There have been predicitons that we would have 10 days of light and some will have 10 days of darkness depending on what part of the planet your on when it happens. They talked about this at the sacred geometry class I took years ago.<br />
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On top of all this I have had dreams about this starting back in the 1980's and saw certain astronomical events take place. I have been warned about future events by people in the future where I dream triped into the future I saw high rises bured deep in the earth and maybe the most top stories where visible. I saw a map of the Isles of California and warned to get out of the area. The people in the future asked where I was located and what year was it, I was lucid and told them and they told me to get out of that area. It scared me awake and I got up walked across my bedroom only to have a full blown vision of what will happen and also knowing that they(the powers that be) would not warn the people. It was so powerful it rocked my body from head to toe and I was awake, this was in 1995. I started crying and felt all these people dieing at once like Obeone Kanobi. I think this planet is beautiful and according to some it is a cyclic change that happens after so many years, it's a season of the earth. Many of us decided to be here during this period of time. Time speeds up you can accomplish more in a shorter period of time, like live 5 life times in one???

The dead are just in another part of living. Being 12 you have lived enough to fully understand this. The ones that died are still here, in the part of you that misses them.

im not scared i wanna die im 12 and i miss all my faily that died:( iwanna see them so wanna die:)

Amazing....... you are one of the few who know the name of the Popol Vuh. I have read it for years and still find things I had missed.<br />
As a side note. The book was banned by the church when it was first translated by Father Francisco Ximeniz into latin then later into Spanish in 1854. At that time, the similarities to the Bilble<br />
caused an outrage and was banned. Later it was smuggled into France where it took the name it has today.<br />
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But the Maya had already started their pilgramige away by the time this book was written by the Quiche Maya (now in Guatamala). I think their journey rings a bell that we should listen to today. Indeed, all of the Central American tribes had begun their own journey by the time the Europeans came. The only tribes that were still "at home" when the Spaniards came were the ones in power.<br />
Schollars still wonder where and why all the tribes had left. The Spaniards were repulsed by what they saw, mostly the sacrafices. But.. that as what the people were getting away from.. the only future for them was to wait and be chosen by the iether the religion or the poltics to have the honnor of being the next to be offered up. The people knew the sacrafices were not doing what they were being done for... only the ones in power saw that it would work better with more offerings. Sounds familliar.<br />
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But..even after the planets and their alignment, there is more at work here. I tried to tell this part as part of a story...fiction of course. I have not recieved an available date yet from the pubisher, I only kno that it is "in print". It will be available at Amazon.. The Road to Pichilinque is the title. Also a bit of it is on my web page but I see my daughter has not added a picture of the cover yet. Check it out at<br />
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I look forward to hearing more from are interesting.................. Lou

A few thoughts Lou2012.<br />
The Mayan way of life did change with the coming of the European conquistadors, but they survived that invasion due to the prophesies that foretold of it. They created secret libraries to preserve their knowledge and moved their prophets-the elders- to other locations. They recognized that their entire way of life would change, but chose not to fight. They accepted the change and understood that in order to survive, they had to live by the knowledge that was left to them. It was not the literal end, but the beginning of a new cycle. The coming of the Europeans coincided with the end of one calendar cycle and the beginning of a new one. I believe that 2012 will also signal the start of another great cycle.<br />
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Astronomers have likened the Tzolk'in -the Mayan great calendar- to the odometer in a car, as each number reaches 9 it resets to 0, one after another. The whole cycle starts again when all the numbers have reached 0 and the first one changes to back to 1, it is cyclic and perpetual.<br />
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I am not familiar enough with The Book of The People to interprit it's contents and I don't believe that everything is written- predestined. We are autonomous beings and we create our own destiny. There is no script for life. We may be guided by the planets, I realize that the electro-magnetism they generate plays an important part in everything, but I don't think we are facing our doom. As the magnetism of the planets change, there will be other changes, I have no doubt of that, but change does not have to mean the end of everything. If we are able to adapt, we will survive and evolve.

Please do.....

Interesting points Lou2012,<br />
I will comment later when I have more time :)

March, 2012 - Space aliens land on the white house lawn<br />
April, 2012 - President Obama signs a treaty with them<br />
May, 2012 - Space aliens abduct half of earths population, leaving a written docement behind.<br />
June, 2012 - Government scientists begin to decode the document.<br />
July, 2012 - Space aliens abduct half the remaining humans from earth.<br />
August 2012 - Scientists announce a breakthourht in their decoding of the space alien document.<br />
September, 2012 - The president and his staff speak in clipped space aline tones. They seem to be directed from somewhere else.<br />
October, 2012 - )President Obama announces treaty with space aliens<br />
November, 2012 =- Aliens land in force. They spread picknic blankets in every place that is available.<br />
December, 2012 - Government announces that they have decoded the space alien document --- It is a recipe for humans.<br />
2013 - The earth is at peace - There are no humans left.

Several points on this.<br />
<br />
In reading the actual text of the Maya calander, it says; "this way of life will be closed". If you take that literaly, the Maya way of life changed back in the 1500 when the Europians came. The Maya's world did end, in a way of speaking. But the Maya ara still there living a "different life".<br />
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For certain, we know that ALL the planets will be in alignment on the 21 Dec. 2012, so what..?? There have been changes in the magnetic poles in the past. No one knows why the poles would shift. Could it be the planetary alignment... no one knows. Yet, those that use astrology say this will effect all "living" matter.<br />
<br />
Why...?? Because we are all users of electricity, not only at home but our bodies use electrical impulses to run our thoughts and to tell our hearts when to beat. This is how heart pacers work. Upset the pulse...upset the rythum of our hearts.<br />
<br />
The planets maintain their distances from the sun and eachother because of their magnetic polarity and strength. What does it take to make electricity...?? Manetisum... Why does astrology seem to work for those that believe in it.... Because of the planetary positions relative to us at the time we were born, leaving a magnetic footprint that we will follow as the planets vary in position, we are influenced in some manner.<br />
<br />
Or...maybe the Maya and the rest who have predicted 2012 as the end of time somehow could look into the future. Ok... that would mean that this was seen to happen in the future.. If so, then our lives are written down some place and we are here to live it as we did and will continue to live it as a script.<br />
<br />
To me, there is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence. There are far too many variables to ignore. For a very long time, before this 2012 thing became public, I have had this thing about 12. As I began to learn to read the old Maya text in an old book the Popol Vou ( I'm not sure of the spelling) I was driven or guided to the Maya calander. In reading that... 12 became a point of clairity.<br />
<br />
I am sure something will happen in 2012 and as the Popol Vou and the calander say... "what will happen will be announced".. that is things will start happening before. So... I am Lou2012, that is until 12-21-2012... After that, I will be something else.<br />
<br />
PS. when you look at the date 12-21-2012 ... numerologist will see it as a 2.

thank to god. i swear believe that world would be end in 2012 because i heard that in 2012 the sun would be increase by 50% and end up cause the volance into active and therefore the earth would be in ruined