Save Me Me!!!

I have to say at the tender age of 44 and being one of the most practical people on the planet...(well I bulk buy and always carry an umbrella) that I am really freaked by the whole 2012 end of the world phenomena!!

I have been following a lot of the conspiracy theorists writings on the events that...on paper look pretty convincing. The whole link with the i-ching, mathmatical codes that revealed fractiles that co-related to time waves is pretty mindblowing stuff but when someone lays out 1 plus 1 equaling kind of sit up and listen...

Of course there is also the other worry...that they made a movie about it!!! Everyone knows that when they make a movie about's damn near gonna happen!!! ok so it didn't happen for Lord of the rings...but you just know, when the world governments want to convey a message to the global population and they don't want world wide mass panic...they make it into a blockbuster with a cute, gorgeous hero telling it like it is to make you feel better. You can almost hear the relieved sighs 'John Cusack will save us!!! John Cusack will save us!!! praise be!!!'

I have a personal worry, in that, for the last 2 years I have had nightmares about the world flooding into oblivion. I take it that flooding will most likely be the way it ends...after all it worked before didn't it???

I have a plan to tie myself to a tree in a field (as high up as I can get). I shall be wearing a wet suit and breathing apparatus and strapped to my leg will be an inflatable lifeboat. Yeah I can see it now...popping up out of the water, inflating my boat and then waiting for Kevin Costner to come rescue me from the evil smoking lord, ala Waterworld!!!

Seriously though, it highlights how fragile things really are and hearing that a giant asteroid has hit Jupiter...well thats only 390 million miles away !!!! it's in the neighbourhood's just down the street.

I have a method to calm myself when I think about world annihilation. I think of Paris Hilton and her enourmous shoe collection...surely indestructable!!!! If Paris bites it...then it's good enough for me...but then again...she'd probably be taken back to Uranus...where she belongs!!


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5 Responses Jul 27, 2009

Now maybe if he teamed up with Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves we'd stand a chance - lol

I too would worry about 2012 if the panic over 2000 hadn't come and gone. And the sixth minute of the sixth month of the year ending in sixes ....or something like that. I can't even remember there's been so many of these already in my lifetime. I just don't see the world ending based on a number system that man invented.<br />
<br />
Although I have to say if Kevin Costner is the saviour then we are surely already doomed - lol

Kevin Costner...ooooooo....Nice, the first time the earth was flooded to destroy mankind, but this time the LORD has promised that would not happen and the proof of the promise is in the sign of the rainbow..interesting thought though is...that the flood waters the first go around must have been pretty high huh?..Have you seen the movie, "Knowing" yet? is the closest to being the accurate way that mankind will be destroyed in the future...the sun seems to be the most likeliest cause of destruction..we are killing ourselves more and more everyday..the ozone is fading away fast and we are on our way to distinction due to our own lifestyles..go figure!!..but rest assured mankind will not be destroyed again by way of water.

the world wont flood God said he will destroy the world w/ FIRE!!! not water like last time it not be or related to some type of heat(the sun,big volcanoe ect.)

Definitely one of the most cheerful portraits I have seen painted of the end of the world. Take out the fear, replace it with a little more excitement and I suspect we'd feel the same. Fear seems a frequent cohort of the anticipation of change but it need not be. Reinstalling the world's operating system in 2012 sounds like a great way to get rid of a few viruses (if I must use a slightly less exciting metaphor than John Cusack..hmmm..)