Still No Answer.

Him:  Still no answer.
 Sent at 12:40 PM on Monday

I get the feeling you're tryin' to tell me,
Is there something that I should know?
What excuse are you tryin' to sell me?
Should I be reading stop or go, I don't know.

Be with me, seems you're never here with me,
Ooh, I've been trying to get over there.
Ah, but it's out of my reach.
And there's no reply at all.
There's no reply at all.

  ~ Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford

He falls in love way too easily, I think.  I've seen him do it time and time again, and I've known him less than a year.  He's had numerous relationships, and by relationships, I'm talking having hot monkey sex but also just going out to a nice dinner and texting and phoning like mad.  He's been married, fathered a child, and divorced.  That part didn't happen in the past year, of course.  It's past history.  He longs for a new woman to love, and frequently, he has believed that he's found her.  I've teased him about his enthusiasm for ladies, insisting that I expect an invitation to the nuptials.  Thus far, however, those he's admire have not panned out. 

Don't misunderstand; he does not expect to build a life with every broad he bangs.  He's had plenty of women in his bed whom he enjoys a great deal but with whom he does not wish to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary.  He is not some crazed man who believes all women are worthy of his time.  Those he does spend time with are treated very well.  He's a very cultured Dom, a helluva snappy dresser, a man who is comfortable meeting a lady's sane consensual BDSM needs.  He can spank and **** pretty damned rough.  He is familiar with how to tie knots.  It took a while for him to trust me and expose his soft underbelly.  The part of him that I see in my teenaged son, as they both try to figure out women.  As they each agonize over exactly how to woo, waiting for responses from the gals.

Lots o' luck with that, boys.  I can't figger 'em out myself, and I'm a woman.  Well...that's not quite right.  As I think back to the way I've been successfully wooed by a few men online, I realize there is a fine line one must walk to win me. Be attentive yet not too pushy.  Interested but not obsessed.  Funny.  But not too funny.  And persistent.  I get a lot of correspondence.  And I sometimes fail to respond to the gems.  I mean to, but....other stuff comes in, easier to answer.  The men I really like have items that require a bit of thought.  They're often deeper.  But not always.  Sometimes it's a quickie, and I can reply in kind.  But sometimes it demands more of my mind and heart and **** than I can give at that moment.  So it may take me a little to respond and feel I'm maintaining a decent standard of courtesanship.  There've undoubtedly been missed opportunities for me.  It's like the couple says in the opening to the Train's video for Marry Me.    The woman says "I mean, they say everything's about timing." And her fella agrees: "Yeah, timing's everything."

I hope this man - and my son, and so many other men I know - get the timing right, choose the right pacing, the right words, and get the girls.  Love is grand.  Or it can be, with the right person.


him‬: I ratcheted it way back after she told me I was going too fast.
I once mentioned that I wish she could be there, to which she responded that I was being very sweet, smiley.
Today, I texted her that I had landed, I would call her tonight, and that I missed her, smiley.
As far as I can tell, she hasn't run the other way…yet :-)
OK, here it goes. Calling her.
No answer :-(
She is probably on a date.

‪me‬: She may have gotten married last night.
‪him‬: Yup.
‪me‬: Or joined a convent.
Or become a lesbian.
‪him‬: As long as she shares...
‪me‬: ha
‪him‬: OK, so tried her twice tonight. Should probably just send her a text now.
How about: Sorry I couldn't reach you, I was looking forward to talking to you tonight. I would like it if you called me when you get this.
Hmm… Not sure.
Wordsmith please!
‪me‬: Thinking.
‪him‬: Think faster, woman!
‪me‬: Okay.  just tell her…
I tried to reach you, but did not receive an answer. Please call me.
was there a voice mail?
‪him‬: Yes.
‪me‬: what did you say?
‪him‬: I didn't leave a message.
‪me‬: ah

‪him‬: How about. 
Why won't you talk to me???? My love for you is all consuming!!!!!
Or something like that.
‪me‬: that's really good
she'll love that a lot
* facepalm *
‪him‬: Let's get married tomorrow!!!! VEGAS!!!! 
I want you to bear my children!!!!!
‪me‬: Yes.
also good.
‪him‬: Might be able to squeeze that into 160 characters if I limit my enthusiasm and leave out some exclamation points. 
She did work today, probably until about 7pm.
She may just not have heard her phone.
Or there are so many suitors that she is overwhelmed by messages.
‪me‬: Did you set up a time to call?
‪him‬: I really want to see her. She is off work Monday/Tuesday, so this would work well.
‪me‬: Or just say you would phone tonight?

‪him‬: I said I'd phone later in the day.
We have talked before around this time of night
‪me‬: It's possible she is on the other line with her mum. 
‪him‬: Doubtful. She lives with her mom.
‪me‬: ah

‪him‬: OK, so text 
How about
Tried to reach you tonight. Call me when you get this :-)
‪me‬: YES
‪him‬: Smiley is important. Makes it less pushy.
‪me‬: yes, definitely
I find the terse command sexy.

‪him‬: Sent.

‪him‬:   OK, I'll try to call new girl, but if I don't talk to her, all I can do is wait.
‪me‬: Let me know if TPE girl answers.
Hang in there, pal.
‪him‬: OK. Probably will tell you after lunch.
Thanks. :-(
‪me‬: I shall light a candle.
‪him‬: :-)
‪me‬: :)

‪him‬: Left a message. 
That I am back at work and I hope to hear back from her soon.
‪me‬: Good.
‪him‬: Best I can do, I guess.
‪me‬: Now put it out of your mind, lovey.
‪him‬: I need to have some lunch.
‪me‬: Have something delicious.
‪him‬: I shall.

‪me‬: Were I nearby, I'd take you out for sushi. 
We would eat too much wasabi and clean out our sinuses.
‪him‬: I am kinda pissed, because she has given me no indication that things aren't going well. Today is her day off, so why isn't she calling me back?
‪me‬: Got me, fella.
It makes no sense.
Your communication has been clear.
‪him‬: She better be in the hospital or something.

‪me‬: Or... 
she may be a poser.
Just playing around.
‪him‬: Doesn't seem that way.
She seems very genuine.
‪me‬: You don't really know her, A.
‪him‬: That is true.
‪me‬: It takes time to get to learn a person's true self.
You and I trust too ******* easily.


him: Still no answer. :-(
Sent 12:40 PM Monday
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Sometimes the more you wish for something to happen the less the likelihood that it will. You push to hard you scare them off. You hold back to much they figure you are not interested. A game of cat and mouse is simple compared to the game of the heart.