I guess that's why is happening right now, but it's to the point to where I'm getting sick from it. I worry about those I love so much that I get emotionally sick, or catch colds easier because my immune system decreases from all the stress. i have a lot of friends with a lot issues, and living in a county that is infested with drugs has a large role in it. I'm worried about close friends who are drug users, who cannot seem to concert these sudden urges. I am so concerned about my bestfriend who cuts herself so she won't feel so much pain, sometimes she talks about suicide, and that scares me so much just to think that I could loose her. I'm worried about my mother, who is the most loving person I have ever met, but needs to learn how to love herself. I am worried about me too. Being a fourteen year old means living life to the fullest while you can, but with all these thoughts swimming around my head, I feel too stressed to even enjoy simple things. I am the one everybody goes to with their secrets, I'm not judgemental, I don't try to fix everything, I just listen to them with an open heart, an open mind, and open ears. But with everybody's secrets pounding into my brain, it worries me. I understand that I help a lot of people by listening, but I think it's time to listen to myself when it's getting to me too mucn

BehindBlueEyes11 BehindBlueEyes11
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010