How Miserable People Will Try And Make You Feel

I was once told by a friend (may he rest in piece) that I need crazy medicine, and I ask why, he tells me that I am too happy, its no such thing on being too happy. There is a such thing on not being happy enough, I guess he told me that because I smile a lot and I am very energic, and I am a peoples person I LOVE being happy can't help it, there may be something bad happen in my day but by the end of the day or that next 20 mins happy again depending on what is. Some people like to see sadness negativity not me at all. If I see you having a bad day I will try and do my dampness to make you smile no matter what, misery loves company NO MATTER WHAT

fruitfull2012 fruitfull2012
31-35, F
Jan 5, 2013