I crave the destruction those around me. Often enough I feel waves of hatred just rippling through me, I get chills of disgust and the urge to hurt and destroy the few relationships I've managed to create. I see myself hurting these people, physically and emotionally, I want to take the secrets they've told me, their weaknesses, their fears, and shove them in their faces. I want to make them hurt. I want to slam their faces into walls and slice their throats. I want to feel my nails rip their skin open, and bask in their pain. My hands twitch at the thought as if my body tells me it's ready to execute orders whenever I'm ready. The idea excites and terrifies me. I never act upon these urges of course, the worst case scenarios are me being snide from time to time which is dismissed as being moody.
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I feel the same.....