Must Face The Worry Within Me...

I worry a whole lot. I get anxious and it drives myself up the wall sometimes.

Deep down inside, I fear that I'm just not experienced enough in Life to have a thick skin. That the failures that I take in will only further worsen my skills and abilities.

I know that I can be way better than this. I know that I'm a very confident human being. I know more than I let on and I'm.. I'm strong. Very strong.

I just wish I knew what it was that I'm so afraid of. Is it Death? No satisfaction? Turning into my parents? Being just a nameless stranger on the street corner? What is it?

I really do hope to find out soon. Going to continue to explore and bring out the best that is within me and I encourage all with like-minded worrisomeness to do the same.
LysanderFremont LysanderFremont
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 12, 2012

It's hard not to be paranoid about anything lol. But I disagree with one of your lines, your failures will make you stronger for you will learn from your mistakes so you won't make them again.

I have this feeling so often.

I feel the same sometimes. I think its normal for human beings to worry