Living Past 22...

When I was young I just knew that I would die when I was 22. But I didn't. I was surprised when I turned 23. 23 was a very bad year. Very bad.

I met with a therapist today for the first time in over 20 years. I told her about dying at 22. It came out that my anxious feelings started around then. Hmmm. Didn't realize the connection until today. Odd because I think about things A LOT. Y'all understand, right?

Marriage, mortgage, babies, cross-country moves, death (not me!), cancer , heart surgery (not me, not me!) work, no work, 9-11, Y2K. I'm working on letting all this go. Well, I'll keep the kids and the husband but I'm ready to leave the worry behind. More than ready.

I hope we can all someday leave our worries behind. Peace
PeaceJourney PeaceJourney
46-50, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2012

That's interesting, I too have some sort of sense that tells me that I won't make it past my 20s. I am 21 now and I just can't picture myself in my 30s. I used to worry a lot about everything, especially about my health, but I realized that the only way to stop worrying is to stop fearing death. Yes, it may be painful and prolonged, but many people have died, I won't be alone haha.