I dont know i feel like im making a big deal out of nothing but im so worried. Ok so my mom is the biggest worry wort i know she thinks the worse will always happen and i think i do see some logic to wat she says. So i just started a new job (im not saying where) so i got off work and started to hed home when i decided to stop at walmart to see how much an electric blanket cost and see if i could get that for my mom for christmas. So still in uniform i was whereing my hat with the logo of the place i worked at. as i started to head to the door from the parking lot i saw this middle aged man with glasses looking at me i small and he then says hey come over here im thinking he just wants to make a joke about if i have food from where i worked at. so i go over but make sure im not to close. so he ask if i worked at (still not telling) and i say yes and just got off work and said hee remembered seeing me there then he starts askking meif i know where best buy if i tell him its up the street then this is where i start to get worried he then starts saying how pretty i look and said my husband is a lucky dude i told him i was way too young for a husband and he asked how old i was being stupid i told hm my age i was 17. he thought i looked ole for my age and looked like i was in my twenties. then he started to go on some more how beautiful i was and at this point i just kept thinking this is dangerous i have to get away from him and so then i told him i had to go and sprinted into walmart found the orice and carfully went to my car and quickly went home but im worried he nows where i work at the good news it will not be for long but still i cant help but worried am i just thinking to much about this or should i be worried about it
sunnygirlwinx12 sunnygirlwinx12
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012