I'm a Worrier...oh God...w...

I'm a worrier...oh god...why am I such a worry wort?  I think I just let things get out of control in my mind and I constantly bring up the past in my mind...god, why do I do that?  I must be freakin' crazy...it really makes me worry that I worry so much.
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yeah that wouldn't be my choice either but to each their own right?

I find it slightly worrying that someone would chose to have Princess Diana's photo as their profile picture.

I'm glad i'm not the only one that worries I worry too much!

very true...I still get caught up worrying but I'm getting better at noticing a pattern which is progress. I will worry about something until it's resolved one way or another and then inevitably, almost instantly, my mind moves on to some other source of bother. I'm doing more yoga these days and a little meditation. It seems to help.

Well I'm glad you're worrying less. :)<br />
Sometimes when I start, I have to shut it down quick, or it picks up a momentum of its own and renders me useless. Its kinda hurts too, if you let it control you. good to stop the worry and focus on `what can i do about it now`. If there`s nothing, you gotta move along. :)

Yep, it's the curse of the introverted analytical mind. I think it's a blessing in some ways too if worrying can be channeled into something healthier. I think my post is pretty funny by the way. Two thumbs up to me :) I'd like to send myself a high-five gesture.

people who aren't worriers don't understand how quickly it can wear a person down to worry all the time. It wastes so much energy, it's exhausting and can really zap your health.

Worrying sucks....and it's pointless...I forgot about this post....glad to get a comment on it almost a year later LOL....I am worrying a little bit less these days so hey there's some progress....very little but it's there.