I Am a Worry Wart!!!i Stress O...

I am a worry wart!!!I stress over everything. I wish I could jsut realize that nothing is perfect and to just let everything take its course. But I can't!!I feel that everything needs fixed and I have to be the one to fix it. Knowing what a headache I'll get I go ahead and take the initiative to get it done. Even if it's not my responsibility. I also have a problem accepting help and yet I consider myself to be lazy. Need to work on that one. Right now I'm worrying about the last touches on my wedding and how my daughter is going to react to not being around her parents for 5 days. and how my mom is going to hold up taking care of her for 3 of those days. She's a complicated child. Ouch, the headache is starting already!!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 28, 2007

you will be just fine! if you didnt worry you might not accomplish as much....I can only speak from experience...by the way Congratulations>>>Blessed Wedding wishes to you!